Attention All You Sports Mom's

OK, it could be mom, dad, wife, husband, sister,
you get the gist...everyone knows someone who has a ton
of trophys, well I did sweet husband.
He LOVES hockey!  He played a lot of hockey growing up and
 won a lot of trophys. For many years we would pack the
beloved trophy box around from house to house.
Every time we moved we would find them again.  They
would rarely see day light...
who has all those shelves?...  Until I saw this picture...
and I had a crafty aa-hhh moment...

I loved the house ...

and one of the players could easily have been my husband
 a few years So I got him to pick his most
memorable/important trophys and we carefully
removed the labels from each of them.

We played with their lay out on the matting for a while and when we
were happy with them we double sided taped them into place.

I loved this picture for soo many reasons...
and now it is always in our living room..lots of memories for him
and it is a beautiful piece of art for us.

Sorry about the dark picture :(

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  1. TERRIFIC idea!!
    Love it :)

  2. I love that idea. Very creative.

  3. Thank you ladies! It was lots of fun too!


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