Winter Break and A Happy New Year

Can you believe how fast this 
past year has turned into a memory?
Hope you have had some time to 

We took advantage of a few moments...
but not nearly enough.

We live in a lovely part of the world.
Not only do we get some hot and sunny summers,

but we also get crisp, snowy winters.

Okay, not everyone would say that that is LOVELY, 
but, I would. :))

I hope you are getting the time
and opportunity to enjoy your 
neck of the woods too. ;)

let's go inside and warm up!

We are getting ready for our 
New Years Fondue.
It is always so nice to sit and eat and visit,
and eat ....did I say eat twice?
It's a tradition that I have always loved.

Here are a few pictures of our 
 faux New Years table.

This was actually a setting for a roast dinner
before our eldest went back to school.

The view from behind concept downfall....
 clutter is in full view!

I am wishing you a year full
of the good stuff...
what ever that may be for you,
family, friends, experiences, 
all the things you can take with you
when you go.

Have a 
Happy New Year!

Our Christmas Trees

We had every intention of putting
up our 13 year old artificial
 green tree this year.

We grabbed that duct taped 
box from the top shelf in the storage 
room and dragged it out to
the rec room.

We pulled and bent and twisted
 those poor, loose limbs
on that tree, spreading them as best we could.

"Wouldn't a white tree be fun?"

That's all she had to say to convince me!
She knows me well, that girl of ours,
"ummmm YEAH!"

I have always loved the 
look of a white tree, when
the lights are off and the tree is
 plugged in, it just... glows. 
The recroom is a blue/grey and
 grey and it works perfectly
together.  Just ignore the fact
that we need to complete the
trim work :)

So thats our recroom tree,
my first white tree.

On our main floor,in the living room,
our Christmas tree is very traditional.

A pre-light artifical tree.
And I love it.
I will admit however, that some of the 
lights have stopped working
so there is 2 extra strands of lights 
strategically woven through.
But, it fits perfectly in any corner,
or against a wall or just about
 anywhere it needs to go.
All of our homes have been on the 
smaller scale and it has never taken
 over the floor space.

Under the tree, I love to put
our Christmas stories, games,
 DVD's and our gifts as
they get wrapped.

Yes, I know its not about the tree, 
the Santas, the gifts or  any 'stuff'.
I believe in the magic of this season,
and the hope a New Year brings,
I am wishing you the same.

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Working on my Christmas List

Are you a list person?
I have always been a list
person.  Gives me great satisfaction
to check things off as I complete
my to-dos.

 Christmas is no exception.
There is always so much
that I want to do...
our home isn't big but
I like to stuff it full
of cosy!

There is 
decorating...LOTS of decorating,
baking,  holiday movies to watch
 with lots of hot chocolate to drink,
shopping, gift wrapping, don't even get
me started with the greyhound....
(nvm, this is supposed to be a nice post.)

Anyways, today I needed a day at home,
so  I worked on the baking list.
 The sugar cookies are iced, and
whipped shortbread nests are baked.

Do you see what I am up against!
Oh well, it makes me happy that
they like them!

Yep, baking sugar cookies 
back on the list.

Kitchen ,Check!
 The kitchen was kept light and fairly simple.

Just a little bit of green, sparkle and 
some touches of red.
You can see my kitchen
at Christmas last year

or the year I went heavy
on the garland

I am trying to get some good 
night pictures...having a little
technical difficulty. :/

 Hope you are having fun trying
to get through your lists too!

Happy Monday!

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Collecting Santas

It's that time again!
Pretty sure this is my favorite
time of year,
the lights, the glitter,
food, friends and family.

My decorating usually starts 
with the Santa Search.

Since our first Christmas together
we have been adding to our collection.

( i apologize for the glare on the tv)

Some Santas  have been gifts, some are Dollar Store finds,
and thrift store treasures, but ONLY ONE per year.
He is always special, and usually 
represents that year.

This one is the biggest one so far...
kind of like the year we have had,
and I love the way he is looking up, like 
there is so much more...
 such a sweet face,
 we had to make him our
 2013 Santa.

..there has to be something magical about
these two never share ;)

Happy Monday

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