Industrial Cottage Family Room

A few weeks ago
I showed you how far we have come from
our barren basement family room.  You can see the progress  here .
In the last few weeks we have put together a much more
 inviting space to  hang out in.

I know, there are still  a LOT of projects
left to be done, however it is much more inviting, especially
 when the fireplace is on.  Which is still being
used in March. 

Not only is it good for warmth, it makes a great focal point!  So I knew
it was where I wanted to begin the 'nesting'.  I think it started
when I found this 'P' tag.  Call me crazy, but I feel like  
pussy willows work in the industrial style...right?

My favorite craft store was having a sale ...
50% off so I bought a few stems, I love they way they look.
It's hard to tell they are artificial.

My reminder to all that hang out in the family room,
that this is  a 'COTTAGE' style.  Just in case guests are wondering.  :)

 I am excited to start looking around and refinishing,
or refurbishing treasures for this room.  That is my kind
of fun!

Some drop cloth pillow covers and a 
Graphic Fairy transfer. I have  had a few request
 for more crown pillows.

I see another slip cover in the near future...
or maybe just new furniture,
I think its probably time.

I like the way that that plant fills the window.  It seems
to be happy there, any signs of distress and I will move it.
I love Peace Lilys.

This little round table was my Grandmothers and I have
had it for about 25 years. I think this is my favorite spot for
 it so far.  The wood panel in the back matches the panel I put on top
 of the mantel.  I like how they change the corners, 
making it cosy. They just need some 
 salvaged pieces to go with.

This white flower pot seemed really stark against the wood, 
so I wrapped a belt that is broken around it.
I am pretty sure I have seen this done on 
pinterest...I cant take the credit. 

  This burlap sack is filled with all the blankets that
aren't in the industrial theme of the room.  We have a lot of afghans,
 all made lovingly by my Mum.  They are wonderful to have for
 hanging out, watching movies or sleep overs,
so we want them close.

 I am hoping that this peace lily blooms soon.
They get large white flowers that last a very long time.
Pretty and they filter the air. 

Blanket Holding Coffee Bean Sack.

Eyesore Alert! this is a big project..I want a
super rough, aged, distressed entertainment center.
To hide the mess...cables, games, chargers, etc.
I have a large heavy crate that I am going to stamp and distress. :)))
  I just need a few more so that they can be stacked
to create a few shelves. 

At the moment we have covered the windows with 
old curtains.  They weren't picture worthy so I took them
down.  We have since put them back up, strictly for

And that is how our family room looks for now.  

Today, I get to finish the touch ups of mudding 
in our Computer Space.  It is so messy and dust 
is everywhere.  But it's the last of
of the dry walling dust, and that
 makes me very 

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  1. How pretty. I love the industrial style! You are lucky to have pretty windows in your basement. Very charming room!

    Linking from Mod Mix Monday,
    Ricki Jill

  2. It's hard to believe it is a basement with so much light! I like your farmhouse- industrial look you have going there. Very comfortable!

  3. It is coming together nicely, and what a fabulous space. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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