Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a nice

I got some quality time with my girls
and my husband...
which always makes for a nice time!

In amongst all the visiting, food and
my husband found an afternoon to hang this chandelier
that he gave me for Christmas.
(I know! good job honey!!)

I have wanted to change this chandelier out since we
bought this house...but
I had such a huge list of other changes, this 
one had to wait.

With Christmas being tucked away, back into storage,
I am gearing up for some more changes.
Next on the list is to paint the living room,
 dining room, and kitchen with in the next few weeks.

...but I am having a hard time deciding which
color to go with...

Well, I think I will enjoy my new chandelier,
and have a glass of wine, then
contemplate my options ;)

You'll never change your life
until you change something you do daily.  
The secret of your success is found in your
daily routine.

John C. Maxwell
Here's to a healthy, happy 2015

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