Cozy Christmas 2016

Come on in, grab a beverage and check out our Christmas Cottage.Our house has been decorated and enjoyed since the middle of November.  I've been snapping random pictures all this time, so it's
about time I share!  

An ornament from my childhood.

Our entrance is a nice size.  I have enough room to make a little Christmas corner. Not too busy or overwhelming.
It can get filled with shoes and bags and people quickly, even with a coat closet, so I
try to keep it fairly clear. TRY.

A cozy corner for a nap...

I don't normal feel the need to show our main bathroom but I thought this worked out well with the wall color and the copper string lights.

The pom-pom garland was a snap to make.  As an ultimate bonus, the yarn was on at a huge discount in Micheals.   As you'll see in up coming pictures, I went a little crazy with the pom-poms.

This is our oldest's bedroom when she comes home to visit.  Yep...more garland.  I just couldn't stop making them.  So easy! 

I had a real desire for 'Christmas past' this year.  I guess I just miss having all my girls around me. Having some of their childhood artwork through the hall way has really helped.  It's like having a big hug from them every time I walk through here.

Not too much going on in our room...except for a few more pom-poms.  And a new pom-pom wreath.  

What do you think of this paint chip?  I always have one or two of these hidden around our rooms.  I just cant decide if I want to go dark or light in here .  The dark paint chip seems to be the winner at the moment. 

The tall silver Santa is my newest addition to my collection.  He's accompanied by Santa 2011.  (I've marked the year they were purchased under their feet, so I don't forget.)

Our living space is open concept, so everything has to work together somehow.

As always, I want my end result to be COZY.  Cozy isn't easy in an open concept home, but here is what I've done.

Messy Kitchen...Open Concept issues!

Happy Holidays, may your days be filled with joy.

Time for change

Welcome!  I'm in the process of making some changes on my blog.  I felt it was time for a little update :)  Something a little fresher, a little more personal, and hopefully, easier to navigate.
Hope you like it!

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