Summer Living Room

Summer is in full swing. We try to be outside as much as we can. Coming indoors, especially to do house work can be a daunting task.  Here's my attempt at bringing in some sunshine and the outdoors.

I start with cleaning. I have been mixing up a few herbs to create a mop water mixture. All natural, I mean go out to your garden and clip some sprigs of your favorite herbs-natural.  You end up with mop water that smells amazing and is chemical free. Need I say more? I've been experimenting with my garden herbs to find my favorite aromatic mix.  NOTE: If you are in need of some serious disinfecting this isn't the cleaner for you.

My favorite cleaning mix for floors :
Rosemary, sage, lavender and a tablespoon of salt.
Clipped fresh from the garden, in the hot tap water, with two 'glugh's of white vinegar.
  • Rosemary- helps with relieving anxiety, clearing the mind, and boosting your mood. Said to relieve migraines!
  • Sage- Protects against negative energy 
  • Lavender-helps with anxiety, insomnia depression and restlessness.
  • Sea Salt- removes stagnant and stale energy
Warding off negative energy is always a good thing, clearing mind, boosting mood...always a bonus!
Even with all the positive reasons for using these herbs,  I've chosen them for their scent.
Even after the floors have dried I feel like there is a fresh scent left lingering. Pure Joy.

Anyways, now for the fun part.  Aside from needing a good cleaning, this room was looking a little tired. I decided to clear everything out and start with a blank slate.  With both the couch and love seat being over sized and slip covered, formality is at a low. Luckily we aren't formal people. However, when rearranging the space, it can be a bit like trying to fit a circle into a square.

Sometimes an arrangement just won't work.

This works! 

Cottage. Bohemian. A little mix of farm house, stir in some's quite a mix.  A little bit
like my garden, I just keep adding to my collections. Mixing and stirring it all up. Lot's of  puka shells, beads, crystals, feathers, and a few elephants.  Making a great place for grounding and regrouping.

I enjoy mixing my 'treasures' all together.  Kitchen, dining room and living room, all treated as one. Eclectic? I'm not sure, however, it's cosy. And Cosy is always my goal.
What do you like your living space to say about you?


  1. That sure is cozy and I love your style Abby. It doesn't seem to fit in just one category, it's the best bits of everything all grouped together harmoniously. I could get so comfy in your living room. Gorgeous

  2. Yes. I like the arrangement where the furniture is pulled out from the walls to form a conversation grouping and the fireplace becomes the focal point. I love your collections of interesting accessories throughout the room, too.
    Carol ("Mimi") from Home with Mimi

    1. Thank you Mimi! I can't seem to stop collecting.


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