Halloween Past

One of my favourite times of the year, who am I kidding, second favourite after Xmas, is Halloween.  I thought it would be fun to share my Halloween posts from previous years.
A Witch's Cottage is always my theme.  Some would prefer a little more blood and gore in our house.  But that's not me.  That really creeps me out.  Cauldrons and spells...that I can enjoy!
While keeping in the same theme, styles changing  from year to year so if you click on the pictures you can check out more from each post.

Halloween 2016- make sure to click on the pictures to take you to that post.

Halloween 2015 Daytime

2015 Evening Tour

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2011

Hope you enjoyed the flashback,  it's given me some fresh ideas for this year.  Now I am off to spook out our house!   Please let me know if you decorate with a theme for Halloween leave a comment either your post address or instagram account I'd love to see what you've done!
Happy decorating!

Autumn Indoors 2017

The garden is almost finished being put to bed for the winter.  My plants that need to spend the winter indoors are being re potted, cleaned and brought inside.  Some will survive better then others. I am hoping it will be sunny enough for them in the office downstairs.   I have most of the canning and drying completed and stored.  I feel a little like a squirrel, hoarding away my nuts and seeds for the winter to come!  And now I can change my focus to the indoors.
Come on in!  Let me show you my simple fall decor for this year...

Where is fall, you say?  
It's under those candle holders, pumpkin tea towels used as a runner for my bakers cabinet.
Unlike my front steps, I have kept the inside to more of a muted quieter scheme.

I have fallen in love with crocheted linens.  Tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains.  They are everywhere in here!  The hours that they must have taken the crafters!

This mirrored pumpkin was from Pier 1, a great sale after Halloween.

In the front room, my sitting-crafting-morning coffee room, again lot's of muted fall tones.
The feathers are all found on walks and hikes.

In the dining room, the little crystal hanging beside my spider plant is responsible for all of the rainbows.  Lots of good energy being dispersed!

That tiny orange pumpkin was the ONLY pumpkin I managed to grow this year! I had three plants
and grew one pumpkin!  Tips anyone?

There you have it! 
Happy Thanksgiving!  

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Autumn at the Front Door

Isn't fall spectacular! Every day the colours get a bit richer and deeper.  Oranges, reds, purples, and they all look so lovely together.  I've thrown in the towel for a softer, muted colour scheme this year.  I'm fully embracing autumn tones.  Here's my cottage front steps, all dressed for fall.

With the help of my mum, we've managed to collect a few brass pots over the summer. Searching second hand shops, we found four of varying sizes.  Staggering them down the steps with the addition of red, orange, yellow, and white mums.  Mixing in my terra cotta pots with my two black pots creating a gentle path to our front door.

 My WOODLAND WREATH  that I've recently made is hanging on the door to greet you.

A pair of owls are hanging by a strand of jute so we didn't have to damage the siding.

I gave my hurricane candle holders a good scrub and popped a small brass pot with a candle inside each one.  And as I purchase pumpkins for Halloween, they will get nestled in along both sides.

Just as important as the curb appeal to me, is how it looks from inside.  Making sure that the landing looks as cosy from the door as it does from the street.

Inside is a bit messy...I've been preserving like a mad women!  Pretty sure I completely over planted
tomatoes and peppers.  To think these plants that I started as seeds have turned into salsa, tomato sauce and soup! The whole thing has just deepened my addiction.

There may be frost tonight so I've pulled the rest of my veggie plants out and this is what I've picked.  I'm hoping that under some newspaper these green tomatoes will ripen.  I was asked how much our garden had saved us, I don't know if it saved us any money, however having fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables a few steps away allowed us to create amazing meals.  The savings, if any, were just an added bonus.

Once I get this tidied up I will share my fall decor,
Happy Nesting!

Cottage Woodland Wreath for Fall

Are the mornings getting chilly where you live?  Can you feel the changing of the seasons?  Leaves haven't started to fall yet, but soon they'll be crunching under our foot steps. Big,  cosy blankets get pulled out again, sweaters come to the front of our closet...its coming!  Yes, I am saying that with excitement!  And so begins the start of fall decorating.  First on my list of change is the front door wreath.

I  usually reuse my wreaths for a few years, until I get fresh inspiration. My inspiration this year, nature, a woodland/boho wreath.  Made of  twigs, moss, raffia,  creamy mums, feathers, and smaller brass tipped feathers.

Once I make a plan, either on paper or through pinterest, I start collecting.   This straw wreath was found at the Dollar store, at an unbelievable price of three for three dollars!   It's a little smaller then what I wanted but you can always enlarge a wreath by layering materials on.

Using twirling twigs I tied them onto the wreath in groups of five or six with jute.

Adding the twigs quickly stretched out the size of the wreath.  Now, looking much bigger and a tad bit wild, it's much closer to my vision.

Using the grey moss, I filled in all the open holes in the front and along the sides.
Hiding all the yellow straw, I attached the mums randomly with hot glue.

Burlap was then hot glued to the back of the wreath to add a bit more texture and fullness.  After painting the tips of my smaller feathers with gold I spaced them randomly, adding a hint of bling and texture.

Now I have my family searching secondhand stores for large brass pots. I want to add them down
the front steps for a bit more shine and sparkle.
In a recent post where I shared our new exterior lighting, you can see the start of my brass pot collection (the very back, left side...collections have to start somewhere ;).

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Spring Cottage Wreath

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Happy decorating for fall!
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