Industrial Cottage Style Basement

When we bought this house
the  basement was bare boned.
Except for the outer walls, they were gyproced,
not filled, but just gyproced.
The bedrooms had the 2x4 skeleton walls in
place, wiring and duct work for heat.
There was a bathtub where the bathroom 
was to be and plumbing.  It was COLD.
We knew we needed the space immediately 
for our girls, so we got busy and finished
the two bedrooms and then the bathroom.
You can see the teen bathroom here.

The basement family room has not
been a priority, as long as it was warm and
comfy we didn't worry about it being 2X4s.
But, bit by bit, very slowly, the family
room is coming together.  I thought
I would show you how we have
 been spending our free time.

If you have any sort of storage
war phobia or like wise, please
turn away!
If you are still here.... the fireplace is electric,
but it heats up the family room nicely...
with the help of our furnace.  

This is looking from the office into the storage space.
We made the opening for the door extra large
 for the stand-up freezer, and any larger

The family room has a lot of windows and
gets beautiful sun light through all seasons.

Yes, sadly, like most unfinished spaces,
it was our dumping ground.  I am really hoping
that when the downstairs is finished
everyone will put away after themselves...

The picture below is standing at the girls bathroom,
looking down the hallway toward
 the family room.  To the left is the
 doorway to the office and storage,
I was planning on putting a
large barn door there. 

In the picture below, you can see the beam I am 
planning to cover, and make look like 
an aged barn beam.

 Yep, my husband has his priorities.
As soon as the paint was dry the
TV went up and Hockey was back on :))

One of my favorite things we have done in the basement....
It was a TON of work,
 but soooo worth it!
(The green tape was to prevent me from overlapping
 the stain and has been removed.)

We still have a ways to go...
 trim, window covering, furniture, and 
the list goes on!
Right now we are mudding the 
office\computer area....
just waiting till the dust settles!

I can't wait to get decorating down here!
I have been pinning my plans here.

 It is definitely feeling
a lot more Industrial Cottage
then Basement Dumping Ground!
Hope you enjoyed seeing our 

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  1. Boy, you have a big project on your hands, but it will be very thrilling when you finish and to know you did it yourselves. Like what you have done so far. The stained concrete looks neat, and like you fireplace too. Very pretty, and know your family is gonna love it when
    it is done. We live in Florida so have no basements here, but have visited friends that do have them, and what a wonderful thing they
    are, gives you so much more space.
    Hope you get plenty of time and $$ resources to get her done...............
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Such a large project, but think of the joy it will bring, when it's finished. We recently finished remodeling our kitchen. It is stressful, but so worth it

  3. So much work has already been done in your room! It's only a very few steps away from being the room of your dreams!

  4. Wow! Way to transform your basement! It looks super amazing and catalog-worthy cute!!
    Great concrete too....
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  5. It's looking good! Those floors look great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fabulous space and I love the stained concrete. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. That will be such a great area for your family to enjoy. It is a ton of work but so worth it, eh? Thank you for coming by my place today!

  8. Your space turned out amazing and the floors look fabulous. Thanx for sharing the transformation at THT!


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