My front room

Hi! I thought I would surprise myself and write  a post today!  It's -100 outside right now so it's a great day to sit in my cosy room with a cup of tea- dandelion tea :) and write. Okay, maybe not -100, more like -20, with some crazy ass winds, which makes it -100! 
Anyways, on with the post.

This is my room.  I took it over very slowly, over time.  It was our oldest daughter's bedroom, and after she moved to Victoria, taking all her belongings, it was left as big empty hole in my heart home.  It sat empty for a long time.  I would come in here and sit on the floor and just miss her.  Probably not the healthiest, but I feel like it was what I needed to do. Right?  

Anyways, time helped heal, and as it did the furniture started to find it's way in.  Some pieces didn't make the cut, but a LOT did!  Yes, I am a maximalist.   I feel like most crafters are, am I right?!  Furniture started to make it's way into the room and gradually it became my space.  With the sun pouring in, it's just a natural place for coffee, tea, or crafting.  With freshly painted Suede Gray on the walls, the room feels complete.  I don't think my style really fits under any single style umbrella.  I've always had a real mish-mash style. All the natural elements sit very close to my heart, and yet I love a bit of bling too.  Granny Chic- I think that's a thing now, with all my crocheted pieces and flowers. The darker walls make it cosy, the collection of pictures make it nostalgic, and the faux furs put another spin on it.  AND I love to thrift and reuse. LOVE.  Repaint, refinish, reuse. Good thing there are pictures because this introduction sounds super gawdy. Hahah, with that, I hope you enjoy my freshly painted, revamped room tour.

This desk has been many colours, as with most furniture in my home.  I get great pleasure out of refurbishing or refinishing old favorites. Sometimes from budget restraints, but usually because I love playing with paint.  I wanted to repaint more pieces the same colour as the desk but I think it would take away from it.

You will find crystals everywhere in my home.  This is a large piece of amethyst, being one of my favorite crystals I wanted it close to my creative area.  I've surrounded it with a few other crystals that help me to create and dream.

A big deep window lets a ton of light in, which helps with this dark wall colour. My sun loving plants sit here in the winter, basking in the light, as my furry shadow does now.  A feng shui crystal hangs in the window and usually sends rainbows all over the walls, creating a magical atmosphere.

You can see some repotting is in my near future, these poor plants really want to go back outside! Fingers crossed I can nurse them through the rest of the winter. In the summer I put a few of my indoor plants on this ledge. It can get very hot so I have to watch them closely.

There's my furry shadow, he loves this chair.  Behind him you can see my shelves are filled with framed photos, books, craft supplies and tools.  I LOVE BASKETS.  LOVE.

The blankets are from Chapters.  Around Christmas time, you can usually get them at a great price after spending a certain amount of money- win win I say! They are THE most softest blankets.  Just feeling them makes me happy! Simply lovely.  

Most of the feathers in this room I have found, or my husband has found and given to me with the exception of this wonderfully fluffy white one.  Shells, rocks, crystals, feathers, and driftwood, I am easy to "shop" for.

Our home, or as I like to call it, cottage, has been under some more changes lately.  I am running, or  should I say painting my way past the neutral tones I once loved, headed straight for CoLoUr.
I'm craving it. More colour, more depth.  I don't want a circus, but I want layers. I want richness.  

Through the doorway is our front entrance.  I have been working on a mirror wall and a basket wall.  I hope to share that soon too. 

This shelf may just be my favorite.  Mismatched and well used baskets are filled with more craft supplies, candles, candle holders, paints, and tools.  Looking at this picture I realize that my scissor basket is missing...oops..anyways there should be another tote in the top left corner for my craft paper scissors.

In between this shelf and the doorway there is a closet door.  Inside it's a mess, that's for another day. Creative juices have to get flowing again before I try take on that's kind of a sewing/scrap paper closet jungle.

This is my altar.  I currently have it set up in honour of my girls. This whole room is like my altar, but this shelf holds three carved willow figurines. A mum hugging her daughter, a girl holding a heart and a girl releasing a butterfly.  Each figurine could be any one of my daughters.  Love, support and respect.   I appreciate each of them and honour their uniqueness right here, every day.

Hope you enjoyed! Happy decorating, rearranging, and nesting. 

Halloween 2018


Glad that you have stopped by!  I know, I am late to the party, but I wanted to share what I have set up for Halloween this year.  I usually set up a crazy witchy cottage, this year I am just enjoying a few pumpkins, some glam and some random pieces.  If you have been here before then you may notice some changes in my overall decorating style as well.   Hope you enjoy the pictures, or even better, get some inspiration!

At the front door I've made it a little creepier then the rest of the house.  Having the crows hovering around watching the door, they are mostly for the trick or treaters enjoyment.

The orange pumpkins will go at the front door for the 31st.  My husband and I have decided that carving the pumpkins was an event that we enjoyed the most when the girls were younger.
Empty nesting does have some perks- winky face.

You can spot my fur baby, my shadow, I love him to bits! You will probably spot him in a few photos.

A few pumpkins here and there, very random. The creepy cloth was fun to use in selected areas.

Yes I know things aren't perfect- large TV, crooked blinds, old slipcovers, yup, I'm showing it all.  Even my fur baby made the cut.  But my favorite spot this year is my mantle...

Half or more of my Halloween decorations got put back in the storage box this year, and I am really enjoying it.

Hope you had fun checking out our Halloween for 2018,  to see other posts of our
Halloween Cottage click HERE or last years click HERE.


Christmas 2017- Part One

I'm sure you have been just as busy as most everyone else this season.  I always have great plans to be on point with everything.  My to-do list gets bigger instead of smaller, and  lately I seem to run out of steam before I get to the end of each day, which may be this merciless cold.
If you have visited before then you may be aware how much I enjoy decorating.  Well the house is decorated and I'm ready to share! Come see.

First let me just say that I am a hoarder.  I like to hold on to old decorations in case I can change them up and add them into nooks and crannies.  Adding to that , I do have a fairly good sized storage room, and at this point in our lives there is no talk of down sizing or moving so I will continue to hoard.  Yaay!  This year I have really fallen away from the matchy-matchy monotone look.  I LOVE that look.  Love it.  But my style has changed, more colour, more texture, and just an overall more is more look.  It is where I am at right now, a full mix up of a bit of everything and it feels very cosy to us.
You may already know that I collect a Santa each year.  Since the first Christmas my husband and I lived together and counting.  So I have over twenty seven Santas around our home.  This one is our pick for the year...Mr. Claus 2017!

I thought that these two would look good hanging out together.  The tall Santa is from a few years ago, but I noticed him for sale still at Winners.

This mix of metals garland was purchased earlier at Micheal's.  Had this mix hanging alone off the mantle but it seems to work better having the silver beads in there too. 

Our tree is covered with layers of ornaments, new and old.  I usually add a few balls each year, creating an evolving eclectic mix.

Some have been bought or given, and some are homemade. 

When travelling we would pick out an ornament for tree.  A tradition that I am so glad we've managed to continue.

We were lucky enough to get the family together, with the exception of one, for an early Christmas celebration. Christmas Part One!
As the girls get older things change and so do our holidays, and that's ok!  We all had so much fun playing a LOT of board games and constant grazing!

Oh so mature! Some things never change!  Really wished I checked the pictures before I thought I had a good one... oh well, jokes on they are on my blog being brats!

Stay tuned for Christmas Part Two!

Fresh Paint-getting things done!

Good Morning! I'm feeling pretty happy that we are into November. This year I was ready to take Halloween down early.  Weird, well, weird for me. I'm super excited to get on with my Christmas decorating.  BUT before that I have a bit of a to-do list for around the house.

First thing, the hallway.
The Hallway has felt very bland and dated to me lately. It was painted when  we moved in  from a ketchup red, please excuse the blurry picture, to this warm light brown.  Nothing wrong with it, but I am in need of change, and it's only paint. 

First the red...

then we went to a warm light brown...

and now...a fresh grey/blue.

My tastes are definitely headed into a new direction, farther away from the neutral color scheme that I was so comfortable with.   Instead I am drawn to blues, purples, I am even playing with the idea of
a  green and grey mix for our dining room table set.  I am still on the fence with that one, but , it is in the thinking process!  Again, it's only paint...and maybe a little fabric.
Back to the hallway...
I did think about stencilling this wall, but that's been dropped for the moment.

After painting I realized that some of my trays would look fun on this wall.  They add the texture and playfulness I was looking for.  I've hung my favourites up and now I am on a hot pursuit for a few more pieces to fill in the holes.

Maybe even working my way with the basket/tray gallery onto the living room wall adding in the large clock.

With a fresh coat of paint on the foyer walls, I've decided to switch up some of my mirrors in the house.  Pulling these two mirrors out of my daughters bedroom, giving this space a fresh feel.

Another to-do was  the Chalkboard wall.  I needed to  paint the entire wall with chalk board paint...why did I only paint a patch before? 

Chalkboard wall painted and cured. LOVE IT!

Now I need to practice my chalkboard art.
Alright, I've knocked off a couple of things from the "to do before Christmas Decorating" list.
Now I'm working on a few more project, then I will share again.
Hope you are all staying warm.

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