Working on the Craft Room

Just a few short
weeks into 2014 and
I feel like I have made a lot
of progress on my craft room.
I don't want to scare you away,
so here is an after picture...

I was able to remove 2 or 3 bags of 
garbage and recycling, and equally
as much is ready to take to the thrift store.

Messy!  I think that picture would have
scared you away if I should
it first.

I switched the desks around so I could use the
drawers for papers, files, scissors and 
stuff inside out of view.
The ribbon above the desk
 is pinned into the wall with little flowers.
 I plan on using this ribbon to pin swatches and ideas to.

A Crafter can't have enough shelves.

After some serious work they 
are so much more organized
and pretty to look at.

After a few tries with the transfer
paper, I made this little curtain
 to hide a few things. This image is from 

Behind that curtain, I set up
my ipod/radio/cd player along
with some cd's.  I also have 2 large bins
for storage, one is filled with
 flowers and one is

More storage in the closet...yes
this is an after shot.
Organized chaos.

The above picture shows 
what you would have seen 
upon entering our home.
Not a pretty sight.

The suitcase holds all of
my knitting needles, yarn, some patterns
that I have collected and unfinished
knitting projects.

As you can see, I still have plans for 
more tweaking in this room.

This wicker chair was in
dire need of a facelift.

This room didn't cost more 
then $20 to put into order...
It was already filled with everything,
 it just wasn't being
used to the best of it's ability.

Hope you enjoyed the before and 
afters of my craft room.
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  1. Love your craft room redo.

    I have been working on a creative space for myself since January 4 and I think tomorrow I will actually be able to take pictures. I am so ready to get busy creating.

    Have fun in your organized room.

  2. Hi from Scotland! Love what you've done with the room - a great transformation and a perfect place to create!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh my goodness, your room is looking amazing. I love it. What a fabulous transformation. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. How nice to have a craft/sewing room. You've done a great job getting this room ready, looks great and ready for you to create!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  5. I think the room is looking amazing -- I really like the color! I'm always so happy to see someone have a dedicated space, whenever possible, for all those creations to come about. Creative chaos is a good thing!

  6. Looking good. I love that desk and the storage area to the left of the closet. What a great idea to hid the bottom in such a pretty way.

  7. I love your craft room!! Thanks so much for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.

  8. I had to hop over when I saw your room on A Stoll Thru Life. I am in the process of planning a makeover of my small office which is the single bedroom in our house. I am sitting among far worse than your 'before' photo, I have boxes, rugs, books, fabric, you name it all over the place and I am sitting at my desk which is in a clearing in the corner. This will also be my studio to paint in and so tiny I have had to hang my large 1.5 metre canvas on the wall. I will have little space to do much but hope to create a gentle atmosphere for me to work in. I love the colours you have used. I want to decorate Hamptons style and use soft blues/greys and white. Will have to see how it turns out. I am sure you feel so much more inspired now you have sorted out your space. I haven't painted for such a long time and it is because I am in a muddle in my house with so much inherited from my mother and little storage space to put it away.


    1. Sounds like you are very creative! This color shows as a blue but it is actually more grey. I love your color choices...very soothing.


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