A Role Model

On January 12,2014
we lost an amazing woman.
Vera McGregor Tidmarsh
At 95, she was my Grandmother and my daughters
Great Grandmother! And Great she was!
Vivacious, poised, powerful, loving, passionate, stylish and
extremely creative, just to mention a few of her characteristics.
She thought nothing about sewing the bridesmaids dresses
and Bridal dress for her daughter's wedding, writing hundreds of editorials for 
the city paper, acting as lead in many a play, or moving 
 from Country to Country to Country, all of her homes
contents included, creating a lovely home for her
 family at every stop. Always creating a
 beautiful life no matter what the
 conditions or circumstances.
A true Role Model.
She will be sadly missed
and fondly remembered.

After the loss of
a loved one, you realize
you must make the
most of each and every day.
Each and every moment
holds the opportunity
for special memories.

This year I am going
to make the most of 
every moment, and not
wait for occasions.

I am going to say the
things I have been meaning
to say.

I am going to try new 'things',
like recipes, colors
 and ideas.

I am going to embrace the fact
that I too, have

I am going to take the
time to do things I

I wish you a year
that is packed full with
the things you love.

A collection of memories,
among other things.

And days that are 
filled with love and laughter.

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