Boho Table Setting

As a little girl, I remember moving the furniture all around my bedroom.  It was a tiny room, but it was mine.  My baby blue painted furniture got shuffled and dragged around that space, I don't know how many times! My mum would peek in and just quietly shut the door, leaving me to my creative chaos. To this day nothing has changed.  Thankfully, I have the most amazing man as a husband and he knows it's  who I am.  Once a nester, always a I right?
I don't enjoy cleaning unless I can re-arrange as well! Today, after some dusting and cleaning, here's my take on a boho table setting.

Last week I shared my dining space.  Then I got busy setting the table. Luckily, Boho seems to be the rage right now.  It's wonderful to put out a mix of style and metalics and it works!

How I set my table

I like to pick my colour theme and then ransack the house looking for different items I can incorporate. This 'tablecloth' is actually a scarf from a second hand store (well washed). I layered the crochet doilies on top to lengthen the center of the table.  My napkins are made from fabric in the discount bin and heavily bleached to tone down the colour and give them a weathered look.

Make sure to add the proper equipment for the meal.  Bowls for soup, knives, serving spoons, even hot pads. Maybe some wine is on the menu for some wine glasses.

Mix and match
Using an array of pattern and textures gives the setting character.
Most of the dishes are from years of thrift store finds. Along with the glassware.  When our daughters were little, and even now for that matter, if a plate gets damaged, it doesn't ruin the 'set'. You can always find white dishes anywhere.
Choosing only white or cream coloured plates makes for easy collecting and easy matching.  Now I am on the look out for recycled glass glassware.  Wine glasses to be exact.  All of the recycled wine glasses I  have are from second hand stores. Usually bought as singles.

This is the fun part. As long as you leave room for the food, go crazy!
I love candles so this is always a given.  Arranging them at different heights, without blocking the view from each side makes the setting playful and well lite. A plant and some sea shells add some more fun!

There you have it, now it's time to dine!

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  1. Very pretty! I especially like the colorful bowls in the basket. You gave me lots of inspiration this morning!

  2. I think you are are sisters! I rearrange furniture constantly! My family jokes that the dust bunnies moved out long ago, only because the couch or beds never stays in the same spot for more then 4 months. Your table is just beautiful by the way. I am loving the glassware and those napkins.

    1. Haha!That's awesome...we are just keeping things fresh..and it's fun!

  3. Fun "bohoscape"! I love all the glass. Happy thursday!

  4. Hi Abby, your boho table is lovely. Love your dishware. You have created a pretty table with plenty of patterns and textures. Happy Sunday Abby and thank you for sharing your pretty creations.

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