Welcoming 2012

Happy 2012!!!
A fresh year, a new year!
We spent New Years Eve with our
 family doing a fondue,

This is our family :)
It was really nice...its always good to sit and visit and just
enjoy each other. 

Highly recommended for
bringing in the New Year  ;)

But now its time really put the seasons decorations
to hibernation..for 10 1/2 months anyways.

Packing up our Christmas decorations,
 usually altering things a little.
This was a pointsetta arrangement but all the
flowers wilted away, so i took the red bow off,
pulled out the silver tule and stuck a
a candle in it. Now it can stay :)

I have no idea what kind of evergreen this is but
I think I will try transplant it in the spring.

This little niche is a future project, not sure
what is going to be done but something is
gonna have to change ,
ok a lot will have to change!  ..trim, paper
the back of shelf..or

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Hope 2012 brings you happiness!

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