Happy Holidays!

This is what we woke up to this morning!

Now this is more like it!
The reason I love living where we do,  
happy monday!

A Northern Christmas

Welcome to our home!  
Come on in and take a look

The letters on the ladder tree spell

My paper whites have
grown a litle since this picture
but they are a lot 
slower then last year.

On to the living room/great room..

Our living room ready for 

More of our mantle is 

Our Dining room, I have posted  more pictures

More of our Christmas kitchen can
be seen here. 

My oldest daughter has moved
for University,
so I have changed her room to 
the side of the house,
and gave it a
Shabby Chic Christmas 

Shabby Chic was my whole
house in Revelstoke, it is 
slowly changing.  But doing 
her room in this style
reminds me how much 
I love it. 

The frames are filled with wrapping
paper that she picked out 
the last time she was home.

I made banners to hang
over a window and 
a mirror, I will show you 
them later.

Hope you are having fun 
getting ready for the seasons
festivities. Enjoy 
your family and loved ones!

I am joining
some Christmas link parties..

More Christmas

I kept it very simple on top of 
our kitchen cabinets,

Creams, greens and a little black.

Some silver, and lights.
The little lights make such a 

A quick and easy craft project...

and a new rooster!


Happy decorating,

The Santa Nook

I think I have re arranged this space ENOUGH!
I am calling it complete. You know 
how it is...you step back and ...
 always tweaking.

But that's the fun in it!


Santas are pretty much everywhere in 
our home through 

I painted out the nook in 
the dining space and I think
it has helped with the 
shelves I have tucked inside it.

All the silver is from my Grandma
and I think there is a piece
tucked in there from my
husbands grandma.
I love that they have been through a 
few generations.

Candle holders made by my 
daughters in school...I 
just added the torn fabric.


This pitcher came from Super Store,
That's it!!! $4, I couldn't 
NOT get it!!!

Some more Santas.


more Santas.

So there it is my dining nook for the moment.

Have fun tweaking your 

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A start to Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

My version of
'Cottage Sparkle'.

Hermione is such a great helper, 
 he loves the ribbons.

This year I wanted Christmas to feel a little lighter, 
not too heavy with garland and greenery.

Instead have lots of white and cream,
 silver, pinecones and a few berries for color.

Big, wooden candles holders painted white
  adds more 'cottage'.
Now I am just waiting for the paper whites 
to start pushing up through the moss.
(They have turned into a tradition,
so easy and pretty once they start
to show themselves.) 

A little burlap ribbon, natural.
Mercury for a little sparkle, and
the curtains help with the 

And that is my attempt 
at Cottage Sparkle.
You can go here to 
see last years mantle.

Now I am going to work on 
the kitchen and the dining room,
the fun continues!

I HOPE that you are having a 
wonderful season, with lots
of love in your heart and 
happiness in your 


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