Osakazuki Japanese Maple

Good morning!
I am glad you stopped in,
I have been working in the backyard...
okay, I guess you could say 'playing'!
Come see...

We made it to the big Art Knapp Sale
and I got the trees I've been hoping for
at 40% off. Yaaaay!
We drove SlOwLy home...
I didn't want to lose a single leaf!

We dragged it through the house...
don't ask..

We moved the compost to another location,
not its permanent spot, but it will do for now.
Here is the bare spot we are left with...

You can see the compost way over to the right.

after a huge hole was dug,
 here it sits,
my Osakazuki Japanese Maple.

It has filled up this corner nicely,

providing a greenish screen for part
of the patio.

But, my favorite is when birds come and land on the
railing. (I am still trying to get a picture of it.)
 It's brought the garden closer to the house,
which adds to that 'cottage' feel I am going for.

Now, I am going to play around, 
and find a good spot for my 
Korean Maple!

Hope you are getting your hands dirty too!

I am joining 


  1. I love you back yard. Its beautiful sitting on the deck.


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