Under Cupboard Lighting

You know those days that feel
like murphy's law from the gate?
That's how my day has been.
It started with our kitchen.  When I 
turned on the lights, only one out of the three worked.
It wasn't the bulbs, the whole fixture needed
 to be replaced.

 Not an easy task when you have a limited budget, ok,
 no budget for lights right now! Until finally, we
 deceided to just suck it up and go with the LED lights.
They seemed to be the right lighting, not bad pricing
and the sizes were available. My handy husband got right on them,
 he had them all replaced in no time.  Soooo, much better!
Thanks Murphy for the reminder :)

The wall has a few holes that need to be filled now, and some touch up paint.
 It wont take long...  Just add it to my list ;)

Once the lights were finished and the first coat of mud
was on the wall, I thought it would be a great
idea to wash our windows. So, I washed inside and out, and
just as I was finishing  ....It rained...no, no it poured!

So tonight is a WINE night! Lots of wine and turkey soup!  
But all is well, that ends well.

Cheers Murphy!


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