April 2015

We finished painting the living room, kitchen 
and dining room.
I am tickled!!!
It feels warm and cheery and CoTtAgE-Y!

(more about that later)

But first, lets jump ahead to spring...
which makes it super difficult for me to 
be indoors...
The first sign of life in the garden and I am outside...

For a long part of the year our garden looked like this....

 which I find so pretty... I just would rather not work in it.

Tucked in the corner outside our bedroom window
our  Waterfall Maple.

Fast forward a few months...
April 20th
our garden looks like this...

 My Korean Maple made it through winter!!
It always amazes me how things
can be so 'quiet'
and then suddenly buds start to emerge.
Below is the Waterfall Maple...minus the snow.
I think it made it too.

A White Lilac Bush,
this one didn't give me a single bloom last
spring, so I didn't prune it at all and it looks 
like there should be a few this year.

These are the early buds to Amur Cherry blossoms.

Candytuft..I must spread this around my yard a bit more...it is so hardy and pretty!
If I plant things right, and use the ecosystems in our yard to my
advantage, I can get away with zone 5 plantings.
 Its risky though.  I should really be planting for a zone 4.
Blah, blah, blah!

Now this is a shoot that I was given from a client at work..Hi Nelda!
Actually, she gave me two, I gave one shoot to my sister and kept this one.  
It is doing really well.

 If you look really close you can see that this Limelight Hydrangea
is giving me a few more shoots too! 

We have started on some major changes in our backyard
this spring.  My sweet husband has been breaking
his back digging for our new water feature.

I can't wait to show you the details,
but for now,
Enjoy your day!

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