Laundry Day

If you have visited here before, 
you know I have gradually been painting every room. 
 Exchanging the dramatic colors 
for a 'quieter' atmosphere.
I have painted a lot of walls/rooms in my lifetime,
 always, I am amazed at how the room changes with paint. 
 Finally, I have mustered up the courage to face the laundry room
it has been taunting me for 5 years...
has it been 5 years???
Small awkward spaces are physically challenging to paint.
A little painting and yoga!

I got all the sample pots of the swatches I liked, then tested them on the wall. 
 I just couldn't decide what color to use.  I liked the idea
of using a cottage green, but they just weren't working for me.

They weren't working with the adjoining spaces either.

After checking the colors with lights on and the lights off,
checking to see how they look coming into and out of the room,
it became clear that I am still loving Normandy Gray.
Which is the grayish blue color I used in the living room.

Everything removed from the room, I repainted.
I did a little editing as well.
Note to my Mum: THE DRYER IS FIXED!!!
Before it sounded like a jet plane 
hovering over our laundry room...
it was taken apart, and with the help of you-tube, repaired.

repainted the jacket holder,
(I'm a big believer in reusing and recycling)

...Black Chalk Paint with a stencil...

distressed and dressed up my plastic storage baskets...

 and hung a mirror.
I'm looking for an ornate mirror 
but I haven't found IT yet, for now, this one will do.
If you look top right corner, in above picture, you can see it.


Now this room feels fresh and calm.
An inviting welcome home.

Thanks for visiting!

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