Hello !  So glad you came see what I have been up to....
I finally took the chair by the legs and gave her a new slip cover! 

I always kept her covered with a blanket or something
because she always clashed with everything!

I am on the hunt for nice big pearl buttons or some large
dark wood ones, so a pin will have to do for now.

I just have to untie it and it can be thrown into the wash!  5 people 3 pets,
live in this needs to be laundered regularly.

 It's not perfect, not by a long shot, but it is exactly what I wanted.
Thanks to all the bloggers out there giving everyone motivation  
I finally did it!

 Transformation Thursday

 Have a super day!


I didn't realize how many hearts I have used is
some of my posts.
Valentines decorating should be easy!

Have a great weekend!

Valentines Table

I think this is my favorite table so far....

My table, our real dining table is very large so
I had to make it feel smaller to make it work
for 2.  So I used a table cloth, folded it in half and
put the fold into a favorite bowl of mine and spread the ends out. 

It was so much fun to play with the table, treating like a different size
and different shape! 

I used my everyday plates, plain and simple to mellow
 the busy table cloth.

Of course candles and flowers, fresh would be sweet..hint hint...
and a super meal that is all cleaned up by our invisible servants.

I am joining

Anyway you celebrate, I hope you enjoy your Valentines!

Everyday Items and an Award!

I always use this pitcher as a utensil holder, it
could be a little bigger but it works.

I keep all my wooden spoons out because I love the color
and the texture of them, and then they are always close at hand
for stirring and mixing!

Lately I have seen a couple of blogs with the plates and cups on a
stand, it looks so cute!  So I thought I would try it!
Its fun to recreate a purpose for everyday items.

I love the way the sun plays on the counter top!
 sun shine ... mmhhmmmm!


I am saying a huge "thank you" for the


Awww Shucks I am honoured!
Thank-you Chris

O Dear?! 7 things about me you probably don't know...
ok...not that this is a confession but...I have a glass(or 2 ) of
red wine every night while I cook dinner  , well about 90% of the time.
Great way to enjoy a task that that isn't always enjoyable.
That would be 2 then, I don't always enjoy to cook, especially when
only half of my family will like it! 
I haavveeee to have my morning coffee!!!
My house is always in a'lived in' state, I usually have fliers and bills
on the island, shoes at the front door, magazines/books on the
coffee table, blankets on the couches....cell phones/ipods
and their cords, get the jest.
and that drives me crazy ! five..
and that is something I am trying really hard to
change ,six, I want a well organized surrounding! HA
I always have clean laundry folded on my bed
(3 teen age daughters create a lot of laundry)
and I usually forget that it is there until bedtime!
I am VERY forgetful!( an extra 1 for good measure :)  )
There you have it 7 or so little know things
about me,

I am joining


hope you have a super day

Its only a wall... :0 )

This is a spot in our home that is continually transforming,
This is how it looked when we moved in and I set up for Christmas.

This was my clean up and redecorate after Christmas...
I always love that time when you put all those special
treasures away, the house feels spacious!

And now this is fresh paint, and a large mirror was
added , I love the mirror it seems  to  fill the space above
the cabinet.  I am not sure if I should hang it up
or if I should leave it to rest on the cabinet...hhhhmmmm.

Soon there will be a cabinet refinishing update!  haha.
But for now I am really happy with the results, I love this
color, warm and yet not overwelming.

I am joining

Have a super day

Another Room Done!

I didn't plan on painting this much but sometimes
you get started and you just can't seem to stop.
I already had my colors picked so why wait?

Here's the before

Its not too bad, a little loud for
the walls, but not awful. 
I love the tile, the trim work, and love the size
all the real work is done. I just had to

There, sorry this picture is a little dark.
I am wondering how the heck I am going to
paint the staircase wall  (off to the right).  I think that I'll
have to do some real planning for those walls,
 and a really long ladder.  Yep, you see how my mind works....
I love my new room but look at that wall on the
right!  (my poor husband)

Now the other wall doesn't show up as well.  I
added some height to the table with my new candle holders (love)
and that just pulled the wall together.

I took the wall hanging stuff off the back of the mirror and changed them
so that I could hang the mirror lengthways.  It just fits a lot better.


Entrance Done!

I am joining
(hi Kim)

Have a super day

What a deal!

I went in to my favorite little store 'just to see'
hah... I should know better!  |Never do I
come out empty handed...
: )

Yes that is a candle holder inside a candle holder...
clean up will be easy and they look really pretty lit.
What do you think?

Love the height. 

They are about 15" and 
the other is 18".  $8 for the pair!!!
How could I not!

VV Boutique!


Have a super Day

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