A start to Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

My version of
'Cottage Sparkle'.

Hermione is such a great helper, 
 he loves the ribbons.

This year I wanted Christmas to feel a little lighter, 
not too heavy with garland and greenery.

Instead have lots of white and cream,
 silver, pinecones and a few berries for color.

Big, wooden candles holders painted white
  adds more 'cottage'.
Now I am just waiting for the paper whites 
to start pushing up through the moss.
(They have turned into a tradition,
so easy and pretty once they start
to show themselves.) 

A little burlap ribbon, natural.
Mercury for a little sparkle, and
the curtains help with the 

And that is my attempt 
at Cottage Sparkle.
You can go here to 
see last years mantle.

Now I am going to work on 
the kitchen and the dining room,
the fun continues!

I HOPE that you are having a 
wonderful season, with lots
of love in your heart and 
happiness in your 


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