Christmas Cottage

Here are a few links to show how our 
christmas has changed over the last
few years of blogging.
( Warning: This Christmas Cottage tour is extremely dated
and in the process of being refreshed :)
Comeback soon to check out the changes)
Christmas 2010
(Our first year in this house)
Don't be gets better :))

Other posts from that year are
here and here.

Our New Years Table 

is here


Christmas 2011

After painting most of the main floor of our home
it has made Christmas decorating a lot more

You can see posts from
that season
here and here
and our New Years for 2011


Christmas 2012



Christmas 2013

A large project for me this year was
slip covering our couch and love seat.
A lot of work, but SO worth it!

Click here

Christmas Kitchen

And a peek at our first ever, white Christmas Tree.


Christmas 2014

The exciting part of 2014 Christmas decorations
wasn't even noticeable through pictures!
I found lights that actually 'twinkle'...
not flash but twinkle!

Come check it out

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