Christmas 2017- Part One

I'm sure you have been just as busy as most everyone else this season.  I always have great plans to be on point with everything.  My to-do list gets bigger instead of smaller, and  lately I seem to run out of steam before I get to the end of each day, which may be this merciless cold.
If you have visited before then you may be aware how much I enjoy decorating.  Well the house is decorated and I'm ready to share! Come see.

First let me just say that I am a hoarder.  I like to hold on to old decorations in case I can change them up and add them into nooks and crannies.  Adding to that , I do have a fairly good sized storage room, and at this point in our lives there is no talk of down sizing or moving so I will continue to hoard.  Yaay!  This year I have really fallen away from the matchy-matchy monotone look.  I LOVE that look.  Love it.  But my style has changed, more colour, more texture, and just an overall more is more look.  It is where I am at right now, a full mix up of a bit of everything and it feels very cosy to us.
You may already know that I collect a Santa each year.  Since the first Christmas my husband and I lived together and counting.  So I have over twenty seven Santas around our home.  This one is our pick for the year...Mr. Claus 2017!

I thought that these two would look good hanging out together.  The tall Santa is from a few years ago, but I noticed him for sale still at Winners.

This mix of metals garland was purchased earlier at Micheal's.  Had this mix hanging alone off the mantle but it seems to work better having the silver beads in there too. 

Our tree is covered with layers of ornaments, new and old.  I usually add a few balls each year, creating an evolving eclectic mix.

Some have been bought or given, and some are homemade. 

When travelling we would pick out an ornament for tree.  A tradition that I am so glad we've managed to continue.

We were lucky enough to get the family together, with the exception of one, for an early Christmas celebration. Christmas Part One!
As the girls get older things change and so do our holidays, and that's ok!  We all had so much fun playing a LOT of board games and constant grazing!

Oh so mature! Some things never change!  Really wished I checked the pictures before I thought I had a good one... oh well, jokes on they are on my blog being brats!

Stay tuned for Christmas Part Two!

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