French Vanilla, Victoria BC

Not so long ago, I stumbled upon this store in Victoria,
And what a wonderful find!

 Picture heavy post.. so
go get a cup of tea or coffee, and 
 enjoy the tour of this
 gorgeous store.

As you approach French Vanilla
you are greeted by a window display that
draws you in and already has you writing 
your wish list.

I always manage to carve out
some time to go and do a little
shopping at this store, it doesn't
matter how short our trip to 
Victoria is!

I love how beautifully 
Sheila, the owner, has layered this boutique.

After we got back from shopping/
picture taking I was looking through the
pictures and realized....
I forgot to get some of these sweet candles 
for myself!  Next time.

Can you see that beautiful moss nest
inside the hydrangea arrangement?
Sheila makes these!

And who doesn't love birds??

I love the way she has layered
linens, starting with a french
 table runner and then
adding a linen placemat on top.

Crowns, dishes, candles,
glasses, napkins...
isn't that cook book holder

Lavender, chalkboards, plaques...
This makes me want to repaint my 
laundry room.

Look at the detail on the clocks face.
 I have a thing for clocks...
(just look at my pinterest page.)

Dishes, tea towels,
you need some serious time
 to take it all in.

I have that galvanized crown from
the last time I was in.
It works in all my rooms.

There is a whole other side of this 
store that I don't have any pictures of!

This was not a paid advertisement...
I just thought you would
enjoy the eye candy! 

 For a closer look, click on
or if you are in Victoria,
1848 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, BC 

Come back in a week or two
 for a  tour of 

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A Role Model

On January 12,2014
we lost an amazing woman.
Vera McGregor Tidmarsh
At 95, she was my Grandmother and my daughters
Great Grandmother! And Great she was!
Vivacious, poised, powerful, loving, passionate, stylish and
extremely creative, just to mention a few of her characteristics.
She thought nothing about sewing the bridesmaids dresses
and Bridal dress for her daughter's wedding, writing hundreds of editorials for 
the city paper, acting as lead in many a play, or moving 
 from Country to Country to Country, all of her homes
contents included, creating a lovely home for her
 family at every stop. Always creating a
 beautiful life no matter what the
 conditions or circumstances.
A true Role Model.
She will be sadly missed
and fondly remembered.

After the loss of
a loved one, you realize
you must make the
most of each and every day.
Each and every moment
holds the opportunity
for special memories.

This year I am going
to make the most of 
every moment, and not
wait for occasions.

I am going to say the
things I have been meaning
to say.

I am going to try new 'things',
like recipes, colors
 and ideas.

I am going to embrace the fact
that I too, have

I am going to take the
time to do things I

I wish you a year
that is packed full with
the things you love.

A collection of memories,
among other things.

And days that are 
filled with love and laughter.

Working on the Craft Room

Just a few short
weeks into 2014 and
I feel like I have made a lot
of progress on my craft room.
I don't want to scare you away,
so here is an after picture...

I was able to remove 2 or 3 bags of 
garbage and recycling, and equally
as much is ready to take to the thrift store.

Messy!  I think that picture would have
scared you away if I should
it first.

I switched the desks around so I could use the
drawers for papers, files, scissors and 
stuff inside out of view.
The ribbon above the desk
 is pinned into the wall with little flowers.
 I plan on using this ribbon to pin swatches and ideas to.

A Crafter can't have enough shelves.

After some serious work they 
are so much more organized
and pretty to look at.

After a few tries with the transfer
paper, I made this little curtain
 to hide a few things. This image is from 

Behind that curtain, I set up
my ipod/radio/cd player along
with some cd's.  I also have 2 large bins
for storage, one is filled with
 flowers and one is

More storage in the closet...yes
this is an after shot.
Organized chaos.

The above picture shows 
what you would have seen 
upon entering our home.
Not a pretty sight.

The suitcase holds all of
my knitting needles, yarn, some patterns
that I have collected and unfinished
knitting projects.

As you can see, I still have plans for 
more tweaking in this room.

This wicker chair was in
dire need of a facelift.

This room didn't cost more 
then $20 to put into order...
It was already filled with everything,
 it just wasn't being
used to the best of it's ability.

Hope you enjoyed the before and 
afters of my craft room.
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