Woodland Trellis

So glad you came by!

I'm still hanging out in our garden....
digging, weeding, sipping twisted teas, planning and dreaming...
a little of all the above.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to Wal-Mart to check out
how low they priced the left over plants....
it's an affordable way to fill up any holes in your garden.
And the prices were Really Low!!!
I spent about $30, and I bought a hydrangea, a holly fern
a ninebark,  2 spireas, 2 larkspur, 1 un-labelled planted 
and a clematis!  YAAAYY!!

Such great prices, and all their root systems look really strong.
It's ok if I have to wait until next season to see their true beauty...a minor delay.

First one I wanted to plant, the purple clematis.  
I was madly googling ideas for a trellis.
I wanted a natural look to fit in with my woodland, cottage styled garden...
and, I didn't want to spend anymore cash . So
 we took a drive into the country and searched for some fallen branches...

 I dug a nice deep hole, about 2 feet deep, and I packed the 
soil down around the branch.  Once the branch felt
stable I planted my clematis right in front.

This branch seemed perfect to me because of all the limbs that had been 
left on.  Like tiny perches for birds to land on, or a trellis for
 the clematis to wrap it's self on to.

I left the bark on, only because I really like
the texture it adds to the garden.  If
it falls off, that's ok too.

What do you think...crazy?
or do you like the Woodland Trellis idea?

Very rustic and natural, I think it's perfect!

I am hoping I get a picture of the birds
 landing on the branches soon.
Till then...
Happy Gardening :)

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