My favorite corner

I  really shouldn't say that this corner is my favorite,
 my whole yard has been a labour of love.
  I am just really happy with this spot!

It all grew and settled nicely, from the first
 day it was planted.

Last year, one of my clients from work gave me a 
container full of hostas.
  I knew that hostas love
shade so it was a no brainer...
I had to take the grass out of this corner.
The grass never grew very well here anyways. This corner
 was just a really bad

I found this gorgeous Waterfall  Maples for $40!
(They are typically a zone 5, but, being tucked in a corner,
 protected from the heavy snow and a drier vent directed on it...
it survived its first winter here..phheww.)

I bought a few more perennials,
a Viola, a white Bleeding Heart,

and this little alpine flower, Corsican Sandwort.
It is an evergreen, and good with foot traffic!!

Then, I added some boulders,

 and I half buried a flower pot with
  some pansies flowing out.
Then I mulched this corner with cedar 
chips and shredded cedar. 

Here are some photos of this
corner in the rain today...

You can see the Viola off to the left of this picture...
something has been munching on it!
I sprayed it with a dish soap and water mixture,
hopefully that will help.

This corner is doing so well, but  I think
it may need a little something...a Laughing Buddha!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Abby, your photography is excellent! I love what you have done inside your home, as well as outside! Awesome!

    1. Thanks Linda! I find it a lot of fun...the playing, the styling and taking LOTS of photos :)


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