Poppy Seed Blue

If you have been here before, then you are aware of my thrifty side.
I would much rather reuse then replace.
I look at all the lovely furniture out there,
readily available, but I just can't do it.  
I just can't replace until I have squeezed every
last bit of life out of it.

This little cabinet is a perfect example.
We bought two of these cabinets, one just a little deeper to
hold an old school style TV, way back in 1993.
 They were raw wood and needed assembly.
I was all about pink at the time,
so I white washed them a slight pinkish/white.
Sorry, no picture.

Then, a few years later I got into the country shaker  look
and thought that a terracotta wood tone would be nice...
so the wash was sanded out and terracotta stained and sealed.
Again, no picture.

THEN, about 10 years ago they were painted a linen cream,
and I changed out the knobs for rose
coloured crystal knobs. They worked very well up until recently
(see picture above).

I think I just needed some more colour.
And I picked out a navy blue.  I liked the navy
cabinet, but it changed the wall colour too much.
Pretty, but just a little too bright blue.

I went back to the paint chips,
and found what I needed,
I LOVE the results!

It has a greener base to it.  And its working nicely 
with the wall colour.

I'm sure you can see why my family thought I lost my mind...
the colours are so very close. 
But that's ok! I'm so happy I repainted it.
Some new knobs were added and it 
has a new lease on life.

So there you have it, 
It's only paint, and if it doesn't make you happy,
get out that roller and brush and have some fun!


....now what should I do
 with my baking cupboard.......

Witch's Cottage 2016

I love  setting up our home for Halloween.
Actually I love playing in our house!
Here's a tour of what going on....
oh and I've painted our shelving in the living room...twice.
More about that later!

Our Dining Room

Mirrored Pumpkin-Pier 1.
Love it!!

Living room

This is the painted cabinet...it's been painted since this
picture was taken. I didn't like this blue with the walls..
you'll understand when I show you
 the difference tomorrow.

The Front Room

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Macrame Hangers

Happy Fall!
We have raced right through summer, and I didn't even post!
I seem to do that...take summers off.
I don't know why I do it, I always love
going back through my posts and checking out
the changes that we've made through our house. 
Inside and Outside.
Speaking of which, yesterday marked our 6 year anniversary!
Oh my goodness!
I think I need to do another before and after post of 
all the changes we have made to our home...

This time it's been so long, that when I opened my blog today
I realized that my blog roll is gone!!!! and that top bar of links
is missing too...not sure what that is about, but I will be 
linking my favorites back up gradually....it takes me a little time.

Anyways, today is a quick tour or the
ever so slight, fall decorations I put through the main
living space. 
 Next post I will show our Witch's Cottage.


When I was in Winners I found these fun napkins, I was hoping for 
a table cloth or throw pillow covers, but these will do!
I layer them over a larger tablecloth to add to their impact,
and who doesn't like some good layering!
The navy and brass are perfect with the dark wood table.

In the kitchen we were finding that we were closing the blinds to give our
neighbors below us a little more privacy.  In turn, shutting
the sunshine out too!  
So, I've come up with a solution for the time being...

a low placed cafe curtain.
It seems like we are still looking down on them in
this picture, but I was standing on the island trying to get a
nice picture of the window, I don't usually do that ;)
But, I never seem to close the blinds
anymore.  Lots of light can shine in now.
There was a succulent that sat in the sun on
that window sill, but I couldn't see it anymore so
  I 'You Tubed' a how to video
and made a few little mini macrame hangers.
So easy and slightly addictive :)

I hung a little hook with an anchor in the ceiling so it wouldn't crash down
on anyone, I always hate messing with ceiling gyproc,
it's not as easy to repair.

This succulent wasn't getting enough light so
it was stretched right out, reaching.
I cut off the top half and shoved it into
the soil...we'll see if it survives.

And I made another hanger for the dining room.

Macrame hangers can be made from jute,
yarn, or strips of fabric of any kind.
Keep in mind the strips need to be about 1.5 times the length
of your finished product.  My windows are longer and I
wanted them to hang a little lower
 so I used a LOT of jute.

Happy Crafting!

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