Poppy Seed Blue

If you have been here before, then you are aware of my thrifty side.
I would much rather reuse then replace.
I look at all the lovely furniture out there,
readily available, but I just can't do it.  
I just can't replace until I have squeezed every
last bit of life out of it.

This little cabinet is a perfect example.
We bought two of these cabinets, one just a little deeper to
hold an old school style TV, way back in 1993.
 They were raw wood and needed assembly.
I was all about pink at the time,
so I white washed them a slight pinkish/white.
Sorry, no picture.

Then, a few years later I got into the country shaker  look
and thought that a terracotta wood tone would be nice...
so the wash was sanded out and terracotta stained and sealed.
Again, no picture.

THEN, about 10 years ago they were painted a linen cream,
and I changed out the knobs for rose
coloured crystal knobs. They worked very well up until recently
(see picture above).

I think I just needed some more colour.
And I picked out a navy blue.  I liked the navy
cabinet, but it changed the wall colour too much.
Pretty, but just a little too bright blue.

I went back to the paint chips,
and found what I needed,
I LOVE the results!

It has a greener base to it.  And its working nicely 
with the wall colour.

I'm sure you can see why my family thought I lost my mind...
the colours are so very close. 
But that's ok! I'm so happy I repainted it.
Some new knobs were added and it 
has a new lease on life.

So there you have it, 
It's only paint, and if it doesn't make you happy,
get out that roller and brush and have some fun!


....now what should I do
 with my baking cupboard.......

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