Our Christmas Trees

We had every intention of putting
up our 13 year old artificial
 green tree this year.

We grabbed that duct taped 
box from the top shelf in the storage 
room and dragged it out to
the rec room.

We pulled and bent and twisted
 those poor, loose limbs
on that tree, spreading them as best we could.

"Wouldn't a white tree be fun?"

That's all she had to say to convince me!
She knows me well, that girl of ours,
"ummmm YEAH!"

I have always loved the 
look of a white tree, when
the lights are off and the tree is
 plugged in, it just... glows. 
The recroom is a blue/grey and
 grey and it works perfectly
together.  Just ignore the fact
that we need to complete the
trim work :)

So thats our recroom tree,
my first white tree.

On our main floor,in the living room,
our Christmas tree is very traditional.

A pre-light artifical tree.
And I love it.
I will admit however, that some of the 
lights have stopped working
so there is 2 extra strands of lights 
strategically woven through.
But, it fits perfectly in any corner,
or against a wall or just about
 anywhere it needs to go.
All of our homes have been on the 
smaller scale and it has never taken
 over the floor space.

Under the tree, I love to put
our Christmas stories, games,
 DVD's and our gifts as
they get wrapped.

Yes, I know its not about the tree, 
the Santas, the gifts or  any 'stuff'.
I believe in the magic of this season,
and the hope a New Year brings,
I am wishing you the same.

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  1. I love your white tree! I've always wanted one:)

    1. Thank you, they are fun to decorate!
      Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Loooving black Christmas balls and snowflakes:)
    Have a great New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!

    1. Thank-you, it was a lot of fun to decorate :)
      Happy New Year!


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