Spring Cottage Curtains

It's Monday again! 
Call me crazy, but I really like Mondays.
Its the beginning of a new week.
Usually, just getting over a busy weekend getting
jobs done in and around the house.
I have been slowly spring cleaning every where.
Bit by bit.

Cleaning and begging the sunshine to 
come on in!  So when I got to the living room
and the dining room I knew there had to be some changes.
No matter what I did it just felt dark in here...

This  picture is from a while ago, but it shows the difference
between the lower dark brown curtains and the new curtains.
Cozy for fall and winter, but it felt dark for summer.
And dark isn't the look I am going for.
Light, airy, and breezy.

I have been thinking about sheers or light curtains for 
a while now.  So when I saw them on sale ...well you know the story :)

They are longer then I expected, so 
my husband raised the curtain rod so that
the sheers just graze the floor. It really added 
height to the space.

I liked them so much in the living room and dining room...

I still love the old curtains, so they are in storage.
I just wanted to lift the winter away...
 I can't  do that!  What I can do is
open up our home and let that sunshine in!


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Your new curtains are perfect! I love them so much. What a change they have made in the whole feel of the room. I have probably told you this before but I adore your table cloth in the dinning room also.

  2. I love the new curtains! They let so much light in and even the fabric looks like summer. Did you also slip-cover the sofa?

    1. Thank you! Yes, I made the slipcovers for the couch and love seat ..its on this post....
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh I do love your new curtains, they really do make a huge difference. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love what you have done with all the white! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Love your curtains! They're so soft and pretty!


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