Let's go Glamping!

Are you having a good summer?

It seems like it is never long enough!
So,when we get a chance to head out into the great outdoors...
We take it!!
This trailer has been a wonderful home for some great adventures.
Well used,
and more then ready for a little updating! 

Before it had dated valances, dusty rose and blue
wall paper, and an awkward table and chairs.

We painted the walls off white and left the cupboards,
they are still banged and scraped, but thats ok...
it adds to the character....for now ;)
Before we had to stack the table and chairs
at the exit, to lay an extra mattress on the floor,
now they just fold up neatly and get tucked into the closet.
Much safer.

I couldn't resits the candle holders,
they are filled with battery operated candles.
They send a nice warm glow from the trailer at night.

This blue chair is super comfy!  It too, can fold right down,
tucking it out of the way.

A few years back this was all carpeted.  Filthy with 
sand and dirt and who knows what else,
so we pulled it out and laid down peel and stick vinyl squares.
Much easier to clean, and has really helps with my allergies.
I scattered a few throw rugs, warming it up a bit
for those chilly mornings.

A message board, great for grocery lists.

We removed the heavy valance, and odd looking 
side curtains.  Opening up the window is a lot easier.

It is amazing what a can of paint can do.
So much brighter!

In the back bedroom, we removed the window covers,
painted the walls and changed out the bedding.
Leaving us with a fresh, cottage feel.  
Now the windows can be open wide and 
the air just breezes through.

This was done with a can of paint 
and a few minor changes...not a lot 
money was spent, but it feels so much more efficient.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the changes.


  1. All your changes and additions are wonderful. I so want to update our camper really badly but hubby is tired of it and wants a pull behind (hence the new truck for me to drive around). I am hoping to add some personal touches like what you have done your camper. In our current camper I too removed the nasty valances - - what a difference just that makes. So much more light comes in.

    Did you paint right over the wall paper?

    1. Hi Robin:)
      Yep, we painted over the paper, no filling or sanding:))
      Feels like a new trailer!


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