Woodland Wreath

Can you believe?
We are almost into December!!!

This is probably the funnest decorating time for me.  The layers of greenery,
silver and gold, lots of bling.,..
I love it.

I decided to start decorating outside first.
 I have been collecting items for this project over
 the last month or so.
I picked up this ribbon early, and I am so glad I did,
the burlap ribbon has sold out!!

 I thought I would share how
I layer a wreath.

I like to re-use the base
 for my wreaths.  This has been used for
my Christmas wreaths for over 12 years.
I have a different one for each season
that I  keep re-using.

Under this greenery is just a basic grape vine wreath.
I kept the greenery on from last Christmas...I was planning 
on flocking it, but I wasn't ready for the mess this year.
Maybe next year...

After I was happy with the way the branches were lying
I applied a coat of glitter/glue almost everywhere,
along the branches and pine cones.

Then came the snowflake wire ribbon 
and the mercury ornaments.

After wrapping the ribbons around and around,
I stabilized them with a large bow.
Tucking it into branches and pine cones.

I bought this snowflake ornament at Micheal's as well.
The  snowflake was rusty brown, so I chalk painted
it with lighter grey then darker grey on top.  Once dry, I
sanded it gently and sealed it with
glittery topcoat.

It is soooo cold outside this weekend...but
once it warms up a little, and my camera doesn't
fog up...I will get some pictures from farther away.

Hope you enjoyed my version of a 
Woodland Christmas Wreath.
Happy Decorating!


  1. Looks beautiful Abby! You did an amazing job!

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the ribbon you picked out - so pretty - and adore the fact that you reused it, it's so hard not to want to buy new all the time.

    1. Thanks Robin!
      I wish I bought more of that ribbon for inside, too:))


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