Slipcovered Patio Set

With our youngest graduating in a week(!!!)
we have been getting the house all shiny and ready
for our families to come and enjoy our celebration.
A very exciting event in our lives!

Today when I was cleaning the patio and washing the slip covers
 I realized how Uhhhgg- lee 
the cushions underneath were.   
  What a difference the covers have made to our patio....

compared to the before picture below...

I made these cushion covers from painters drop cloth 
as well as the pillow covers.
I stencilled the pattern on top with fabric paint. 
Not expensive, and exactly the look I am going for.

I purchased this planter last year at Winners\Home Sense,
I had no idea what I was going to plant in it, but I knew
it would work well with this refreshed patio.
This is my first year growing succulents....
I am really hoping that they will overwinter for me.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation.


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