Fresh Paint-getting things done!

Good Morning! I'm feeling pretty happy that we are into November. This year I was ready to take Halloween down early.  Weird, well, weird for me. I'm super excited to get on with my Christmas decorating.  BUT before that I have a bit of a to-do list for around the house.

First thing, the hallway.
The Hallway has felt very bland and dated to me lately. It was painted when  we moved in  from a ketchup red, please excuse the blurry picture, to this warm light brown.  Nothing wrong with it, but I am in need of change, and it's only paint. 

First the red...

then we went to a warm light brown...

and now...a fresh grey/blue.

My tastes are definitely headed into a new direction, farther away from the neutral color scheme that I was so comfortable with.   Instead I am drawn to blues, purples, I am even playing with the idea of
a  green and grey mix for our dining room table set.  I am still on the fence with that one, but , it is in the thinking process!  Again, it's only paint...and maybe a little fabric.
Back to the hallway...
I did think about stencilling this wall, but that's been dropped for the moment.

After painting I realized that some of my trays would look fun on this wall.  They add the texture and playfulness I was looking for.  I've hung my favourites up and now I am on a hot pursuit for a few more pieces to fill in the holes.

Maybe even working my way with the basket/tray gallery onto the living room wall adding in the large clock.

With a fresh coat of paint on the foyer walls, I've decided to switch up some of my mirrors in the house.  Pulling these two mirrors out of my daughters bedroom, giving this space a fresh feel.

Another to-do was  the Chalkboard wall.  I needed to  paint the entire wall with chalk board paint...why did I only paint a patch before? 

Chalkboard wall painted and cured. LOVE IT!

Now I need to practice my chalkboard art.
Alright, I've knocked off a couple of things from the "to do before Christmas Decorating" list.
Now I'm working on a few more project, then I will share again.
Hope you are all staying warm.

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