French Country Candle Holders

I want to say thank you
French Country Cottage
French Country Cottage

I have always adored her Cottage!
Her blog is a huge inspiration!


 These candle holders have been around, inside and outside
 of our home for a long time.
First starting as natural wooden candle holders, 

then I painted them white,
along with other large candle holders.


Patience is not a strong point of mine....
sooo I soaked them in warm soapy water ( to loosen
and soften the paint) for a few minutes,
scraped and scrubbed them.  Dried them and 
mushed around a bunch of different 
paint colors.
Very technical I know!

Barely dry, I gave them a crackled glass candle holder
 with crystal rocks and a tea light candle each.

I love projects that take about 30 minutes! ;)

Happy Friday!
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Slipcovers for our Couch and Love Seat

For fabric sales 
I found 7 meters for about $35
and 13 meters for about $100.
 The french script fabric is lovely
but expensive so I only got 1 meter
which pushed my creativity.

I have been wanting to slipcover
this couch and a love seat
for some time now. I had to work out a plan
of how I could make the fabric work together and not 
look like I ran out.

With the 13 meters I had just enough to complete this one couch,
very little left over...phew!
It is a thick fabric and I dont know if you can tell but it
has a wonderful grey undertone, yum!

I am so happy with it! It needs a little altering
on the seat cushions, but I couldnt wait 
to post pictures.

The "right" side of the love seat fabric was
really yellow once I brought it home and
under our living room lighting. Not wanting 
any yellow in the living room,
 I flipped it over and used the "wrong"
side.  I do that a lot, use the wrong side.

 It was a  ton of pinning, cutting, basting and serging....

I did a little painting,
trying to industrialize it and
give the love seat some grey to 
work with the couch tones.

I used a little of the french fabric
to cover the lampshade, but it was super painful to 
cut it..:\

Happy Friday

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Burlap Hearts for Valentines Day

My Valentines decorations are usually all pink and sparkly,

not this year.

I am loving the natural colors
and textures.

All that texture adds so much
warmth to our home.

Finally, I  have my new hook.
Its to hold the cords of
the blinds, preventing them from tangling up.
Also a reminder...

I think its happening,
my style is changing 
This heart below has had many
different 'styles'
This year it got some fabric, then I 
painted stripes on the fabric and added a bow.

Perfect for the front door.

AND ...Fabricland was having ANOTHER
sale :),
I think I should have enough fabric
for something... 

I am joining one of my favorite blogs!

Happy Decorating ,
have a super day!

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