Bye, Bye Gold

We did it!
We have finally painted over all of the gold
in the house!

The golden walls are gone, lost forever,
 never to be seen by anyone who enters again!!
Yes, I know, that does sound dramatic,
but take a look at what I am talking about...

Yep, it was pretty intense.
It was the last to be done  because it was the
most difficult to do and I wanted it to be painted after
we finished painting the basement. 
 The stairway needed
 to bring two looks together,
the industrial cottage from downstairs, and
my mix of Cottage styles from the main floor.
So, I pulled the Cathedral Grey, from the office 
along the bottom half of the walls,
and a few shades lighter for the top half of 
the walls. Natural Gray, to give it a lighter feel.

This little corner of our suburban cottage
 is filled with a lot of memories, although it only
holds a few items, they are all very special. 
 The candle stick is one my mom gave to me, the Lucky Bamboo
 is from my sister many many years ago, and the framed chalkboard  
message was used during a very special and dear friends wedding reception.
It seems fitting as you head to the family room.

This watering can reminds me of
one of my favorite pleasures and past times, gardening.

And the cherry on top is the window 
covering, it came from my Grandma. It has
a beautiful scalloped edge,so no hemming needed...
and it fit perfectly in this spot.  

All I needed was a suspension rod and some ring clips.
I think that the total for the curtain was about $8. 

Living in the subdivision that we do,
there are a lot of homes visible through this window.
Now you see them...

Now you don't!

It casts great shadows on the wall through out the day.

For the life of me I couldn't figure
out what to do about a light!
I really wanted to put a large sparkly chandelier 
right in the center of this window, so it would 
shine when the sun came through.
But, that came with WAY to much work,
climbing into the attic, rewiring,
and to top it off I dont think it would have worked well
with the window covering.

Until I found this little cutie!
It came with a black lampshade,
we changed it up for a neutral one and now it 
works well in this space.
I am really happy with the results!

Paint is one of the most effective way 
of changing the feeling of a room....
I am really enjoying the feeling of the
light grey....hmm.
(I say that as I look at my kitchen)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the changes
in our stairway so far.  Now I can start
working on my plans for filling
 up that blank wall.

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Pretty Industrial Office

We are done with MOST of the construction 
in our office...  for now.  You can check out
what it looked like before here.

And that is why
Spring Cleaning is in full swing!
I just couldn't wait any longer to put
my home back together, and clean the dust out of it!
 Even though the trim isn't up, I just had to make it
feel like home again. The rest will have to wait until the fall!

I have had fun setting it up so far. I am trying to achieve 
an Industrial look with lots of 'Pretty' touches.
Industrial look, with some feminine details, like
 ruffles, sparkles, and silver.
Pretty Industrial Office.

The basket on the bottom shelf
is filled with none other than,
Archie Comics!  

This poor little shelf has been hauled around
our home, used in almost everyroom.

I feel like it deserved a little make-over...
a little chalk paint to the rescue!!

Much Better!
I just got these crates a few days ago.
 I made my husband stop at
this Antique Store, because I saw them stacked 
behind the back door, like they were garbage!
Am I crazy or do you see the beauty in these 
pieces too?  The couple behind the counter 
looked at me like I lost my mind, and 
asked "what are you going to do with them?"
I was so happy with them, I must of  had a huge
 smile on my face, and I said " They are going in our Office!
 They are perfectly distressed and aged!" They got a good clean, and ...
they are my kind of perfect!

All the furniture in this room, actually
in the entire house, has been moved, reused,
repaired, slip covered, rescued, repainted or restained,
and  the office furniture is no exception.  This black desk
came from a 2nd hand store, about 5 
years ago.  Once I got it home I 
 couldn't wait to painted it black.
The aging is from all of its moves.

I like the way it looks with the 
crates and the slip-covered chair.

Just a tiny bit of Easter in the office...

It's going to be fun filling up these blank
spaces!  Currently I am collecting frames and 'oddities'
for the office walls.

We did stained concrete through out the 
family room, hallway, and office.  We chose
to do this to the floor while we have teens and
pets. I love the results, they are exactly what we need
in the basement right now.  My first choice would be to have it
all carpeted...I would rather have pets and kids :))

My favorite part of this room...

with a big bucket of chalk, 
Ofcourse. :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing our office...
and thank you for not baulking at
our lack of trim  and decorations.
Our  Industrial Cottage Style Family Room
can be seen here

Ruffled Tablecloth

The office is definitely coming along,
the gyproc dust is settling,
and the paint is getting rolled on :)

I really wanted to show you how it's coming
along but it isn't not that exciting, yet.  And not that pretty, yet, just
 aluminum ladders and paint cans.    However, I do have something I
 want to share this wonderful Monday morning...

My newly created tablecloth. I found the fabric buried
deep in a discount bin at the back of the fabric store.  I always like to
rummage through them, you just never know
what you may find in there.

As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it should
 be a ruffled tablecloth.  I was crossing my fingers, hoping that it
would be wide enough for my table and have a 
 little extra fabric for  ruffles. .. I think
 Hermione loves this fabric too!

What a silly cat!

I had to do some serious measuring to make sure
that I could make a ruffle for the entire edge of the tablecloth. 
 There were NO scrap pieces from this project.

I know wrinkles bother some, but
I happen to love the wrinkles.  I feel like
they make things a little less formal,
a lot more relaxed, and they
add some cHaRaCtEr.

 Very shortly Easter will be here,and I 
only have a few decorations out...yes it makes me
happy to decorate for the holidays   :)...but I need to spring clean first.

These little eggs were a little bright for the look
 I want this year, so I covered them in yarn with hot glue.

Soft pink tulips always make me happy.

This little bird is a new addition from Micheals.
There was a large selection of color choices before
but only a few are there now... Birds must be
popular again this year.

I hope that this has inspired you to 
check out those discount bins,
if you haven't already..:)

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