Ruffled Tablecloth

The office is definitely coming along,
the gyproc dust is settling,
and the paint is getting rolled on :)

I really wanted to show you how it's coming
along but it isn't not that exciting, yet.  And not that pretty, yet, just
 aluminum ladders and paint cans.    However, I do have something I
 want to share this wonderful Monday morning...

My newly created tablecloth. I found the fabric buried
deep in a discount bin at the back of the fabric store.  I always like to
rummage through them, you just never know
what you may find in there.

As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it should
 be a ruffled tablecloth.  I was crossing my fingers, hoping that it
would be wide enough for my table and have a 
 little extra fabric for  ruffles. .. I think
 Hermione loves this fabric too!

What a silly cat!

I had to do some serious measuring to make sure
that I could make a ruffle for the entire edge of the tablecloth. 
 There were NO scrap pieces from this project.

I know wrinkles bother some, but
I happen to love the wrinkles.  I feel like
they make things a little less formal,
a lot more relaxed, and they
add some cHaRaCtEr.

 Very shortly Easter will be here,and I 
only have a few decorations out...yes it makes me
happy to decorate for the holidays   :)...but I need to spring clean first.

These little eggs were a little bright for the look
 I want this year, so I covered them in yarn with hot glue.

Soft pink tulips always make me happy.

This little bird is a new addition from Micheals.
There was a large selection of color choices before
but only a few are there now... Birds must be
popular again this year.

I hope that this has inspired you to 
check out those discount bins,
if you haven't already..:)

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  1. Abby I'm squealing over here!!!!!! your new table cloth is oh so pretty and perfect with ruffles. I am so glad it all worked out and you had enough fabric to make it work. It brighten up the whole room and adds a little whimsy. Love it.

  2. Great tablecloth Abby.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks great Abby. Love the dots.Great job too.
    I have one big curtain I want to make into a table cloth with ruffles, Maybe this will inspire me to do it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Abby,
    A delightful ruffled tablecloth, dear one!!!
    The photo with the cat. . .priceless!!!

  5. I love your ruffled tablecloth! It looks FAB!

  6. Thank you for sharing the picture of your beautiful ruffle tablecloth. But the thing I liked best was kitty laying on it. That's my chuckle for the day. So like a kitty to be right there when working on a project.

  7. Hey there, Miss Abby - your tablecloth is being featured at Revisionary Life this week! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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