A Teens Chic Bedroom

Our youngest just had her 16th Birthday...

This was her gift...

A New Room! 
Time to remove the "princess".  

 It still has a really pretty feel but
before it was too young.
We knew we wanted to keep the carpet,
its in the basement, and we knew we wanted white
trim work, doors and furniture.  We searched pinterest
and came up with a visual plan. If you click here
you can see the pinterest  board of inspiration.

Once we had our plan we went shopping.
We got lucky, on our second stop in search
of a new comforter we found this one!
She fell in love with it ...so did I.
And it worked with her lavender sheets

After purchasing the bedding we headed to
Home Depot and checked out their paint chips
 and curtains. This curtain worked well with the
shadows of the damask and it has 
insulating qualities...perfect!
I just had to hem it up by about 5 inches.
I know, I know I should have raised
 the curtain rod instead, oops.

So, armed with the bedding, curtain and paint chips,
we headed home.  I always like to see the paint chips 
at different times of the day in the room to be painted. 
It  shows me all the shades I will see once
painted on the walls.  I usually change my mind 3 or 4 times
 and then end up with the original pick anyways, but it
 is a process I need to go through.

While we were deciding on a paint color,
 the ceiling got a few coats of white.  The blue ceiling was fun
but really dark...it took a lot of paint to cover it.
Once we had the right grey picked, we painted all the walls
in Porpoise, Berh, flat paint.  It took two coats to cover the purple.
 We let the flat paint dry over night, then the fun
began. We stencilled with the same color paint, in high gloss.
The stencilling was a long process, but worth every minute! 
I have always wanted to try this effect ..gloss on flat
paint...and I LOVE IT.

After walls were finished and the trim freshened up 
I painted her side table and dresser.
I don't know if you can tell in the before picture,
but the dresser had a pink weathered look. I try really hard to
use what we already have.  Partly because I am cheap, but
I also think paint will give it that new lease.  I love
the look of painted furniture...it feels 'cottage-y'.
  I used high gloss,  Dove White, Berh paint. 
 Clean crisp white.

Sadly, the new ceiling light isn't doing it for me. :/
I am not even going to show you...
(it's horrible).
It is too small, and a little awkward...
And there is a heat vent right beside it. 

We kept the closet handles and curtain rod,
they work well with the look we are going for.

A fun look is the Mini Christmas
 lights. We rummaged around in our Christmas 
decorations and pulled out our white lights. 
 They look so pretty over the dresser mirror.

As soon as we got to this point I grabbed my
 camera and snapped all the pictures I could.  Like
 most teens, her room never really looks like this.  
You probably don't like the dumped out
dresser look either.

All we need is the right art work for
some color and it is complete.
Happy Decorating!


  1. I know what you mean... the end of the princess and the birth of a girl... =)
    The room is stunning!

  2. So pretty!! I love your daughter's new room. The dresser is fabulous. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. It is so pretty and LOL having raised three boys and seen my niece's bedrooms during their teen years, I was thinking " how SMART she is to get pics NOW before all of the clothes litter the floor down the line" ! :)

    When I was a teen I came home one day to find my mom had taped a news article about a hurricane on my door. I think that she was trying to tell me something? :)

    1. haha, yep, some kind of storm brews in those teen bedrooms. :)

  4. So beautiful! I would have loved this room as a teenager :) Thanks for sharing at my link party!

  5. So very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a pretty room! I love the bedding and the stenciled wall! Have a lovely week. ~Deborah

  7. Beautiful dresser and linens. Such a chic and grown up elegant room. I am sure she likes it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. A lovely grown-up transformation - so serene!

  9. Very pretty and the color and style is something that should be fitting for years to come. Love the stenciled wall, but would not enjoy doing that.
    Found you at Revisionary Life.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. what a gorgeous transformation and sweetly sophisticated. perfect for your growing teen daughter! i adore it...especially the stencil on the walls (although the bedding is a close second.) wow....well done! sweet dreams for sure! happy grey dey. "merci" for joining in with this lovely grey inspiration. ;)

  11. I love the grey on the wall with the stencil. I really like how the dresser turned out; it does give it a new lease on life.

  12. She must feel so validated as a young woman! I hope she appreciates all your efforts to make her room just right. :) Thanks for sharing this lovely room at Thrifty Life Thursday at Revisionary Life.


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