Charming Growth

Thanks for stopping in.
Originally this post was going
to be about our Maple Trees
in the backyard....but ....I am moving one.

All along I have wanted to put a Clumping Birch in this
spot.  I have been debating if the space will work or not
for A Birch.  My husband would respond with " if
it doesn't work we can take it out."
To make a long story short...I found
a Clumping Birch, and the backyard is having
a little work done on it.
....again. :))

So, I thought I would show you how much
 our garden in the front has grown. This yard came with
some crazy, ugly, slopes.
Not a tree or a plant, just a few rows of sod...

^(this picture was taken after we had already planted our Burr Oak)^
It was lacking in curb appeal, completely.
But, we worked hard that summer, rearranging rocks,
filling it up with top soil. It  took a lot of soil to fix the slope that
cut right into our foundation.
Then we added some hydrangeas, evergreens
and pansies.

Every year we top up the soil with
Nature's Gold and cedar wood chips.
And every year the grass gets stronger and stronger
from it...I think I use less water too !
All of the plants seem to be happy in their spots.
The grass responds well to the Natures Gold, too.
Eventually, I would like to carve out some more of the grass and
 balance out the trees.  I would love to add another Evergreen  
(or two) and some boulders, continuing with that cottage in
 the mountains look that I am going for. 

But as of June 2014, it looks like this...

Waiting for the Hydrangea to start budding ...
it seems really late, even for this planting zone.

Oregon Pine

Mock Orange...sadly this one
doesn't have that wonderful smell that
they can have.  Last fall, I pruned the Mock Orange.
  I don't think you are supposed to, so
this year I will leave it to continue 
growing.  I may have to support it with some
sticks or a cage, it's pretty droopy.

So many pretty little blooms!

These pansies make me smile, I put a few
in when we did this garden and they voluntarily
keep on reseeding.  I dig a few up and spread them
 out, just to space them out a bit more.

There it is so far,
I am learning to enjoy the progress,
and be patient. Not an easy task for me.

I hope you have a safe and happy

I am joining


  1. how beautiful~ My mock orange is HUGE about 7ft tall, and they can take a good pruning too although it might take a couple seasons for it to bloom again.

    1. It must be gorgeous....and smell amazingly!

  2. Your little landscaped vignette is nice. What is the short little ever green bush by the sidewalk? Does your Oregon pine get very large?

    1. I am pretty sure you mean the dwarf spruce by the sidewalk, it grows very slowly and stays quite small. The Oregon pine will get a lot bigger, I think I am going to start shaping it next it doesn't get too big. That tree was actually a lesson for me in knowing the mature size of a plant or


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