How our Garden has far

I thought this would be a nice time to look at
a few garden pictures, while we are waiting for the snow to melt!

Let me tell you a little story about our garden and
how it has changed over the years.
Way back in 2010, when we bought our home,
our garden was all grass, dirt.  No fence, no trees, shrubs or flowers.
Just crappy soil and sod.
The tiny strip of plantings in the picture below,
was my first attempt at landscaping.

I guess on the up side, it was a blank slate. 
Completely blank. Void of any character.
I crave character. 
Far from my goal of
 a layered garden, lacking charm,
and privacy.  We had a very big job ahead of us.

Oh, but I had a plan.
Gradually, with a lot of digging, composting, and planting, we started
to create something that was getting closer to my dream garden.

First thing, after we levelled the lot and built
a fence around the whole yard, we planted a tree in each corner.
I felt like that would be the best  and quickest way to
start on the privacy issue.

Then I started carving out some flower beds.
My husband, sweetheart of a man, would take me out and
we would find boulders and rocks.  I would
take photos for inspiring pictures of nature.
Mother Nature has a beautiful eye for design.
I've even hunted down the sound of a trickling brook
so I could record the sound and try recreate it at home.

And if I wasn't adding a garden bed I was carving out a few
 extra feet to an already existing one. Slowly
working project by project as funds would allow.

We have continued to add a tree or two a year to the interior
of our garden.  Strategically planting them
in front of neighbouring windows, or as a view from our windows.
Our Canadian winters are pretty long so a good view from indoors
is invaluable.  I've added a few bird feeders and the trees are
growing nicely, so the view is getting better every year.

One year we added in a veggie garden, built out of recycled
pallets(free).  We will be adding a few more beds this summer.
It's very rewarding to make a meal from your own produce!

Above picture 2011, lower picture spring 2016
You can see that little May tree getting a bit bigger
from the picture above.

 Every spring we add lots of compost, black gold
and then mulch with wood chips. The soil is getting to be rich and it's so nice 
 to work with. Plus my plants are showing me their appreciation with healthy growth.
For the last few years I have started to add fall bulbs.
And that is the beginning of a whole new addiction!

I am looking forward to seeing these bulbs emmerge again this spring...
hope they have survived this winter!

Another year we built a waterfall with a small creek,
this is hands down the biggest game changer in our garden.
Pure joy!
From the sound of the water falling to the birds that visit.

The bench was my Grandfathers and it makes a wonderful
spot for contemplation. So peaceful.

Above picture is fall 2015,
below picture is spring 2016

The picture below is early spring 2016.
I am searching for some garden art for that large bare spot along the
fence. Add some art and then stretch the raspberries down the fence line.

My dream garden is a private oasis in the middle of our 
suburban neighborhood with trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers, veggies,and
a bubbling creek...  I don't ask for much do I...:)
and of course a safe place for birds, bees, bugs, and my family.
The process is enjoyable, satisfying, and slightly addictive. 
That's ok, there is always something to do in a garden.


As for the front yard, it has had some much needed repair.
With poor soil, weak grass roots and lots of weeds we
did a full garden re-vamp.
You can check the full transformation out 

Now I am sitting here, February 2017,
looking at my potted Japanese maples, hoping that
they will pull through this crazy winter.
But there is still a lot of snow, it'll be a bit before I will know.
Fingers crossed.

Happy garden planning!

Master Bedroom with a Boho Vibe

It's my bedrooms turn, and
I have been eyeing up this room for some time.

With multiple paint chips sticky tacked in various spots for quite some time,
unable to make a I go light and airy or cozy and darker?!?
(You can see a paint chip on the top right corner of picture below).

Finally, I decided with cozy and warmer.
Arden Forge by CIL.
I had it color matched to go into Ralph Lauren paint
at Home Depot.  I walked in to a paint sale, $16 a can!
They had sold out of the base that I needed but  they
mixed me five quart size cans instead, at $6 a can. You're probably
wondering why I bought the extra can, I was planning
on  painting the bathroom the next day. It was a little bit
more than the sale pricing,  but still a great deal.

 I was afraid this color would be too dark,
 or we wouldn't like the purple undertones.   But we can change it.
Repainting a room isn't too much work, lol,
The sun really changes the color, ranging from dark blue
back to a purple-blue. Very cozy.  I decided to paint 
 the tray ceiling white, giving it a clean look.

Below, it was painted shortly after we moved in, 2010, and now in dire need
for a change.

And before that, below is from the real estate photos.

Loving the results of the paint and
keeping with my true nature, I reused all of my old furniture,
 treasures and linens. For a few reasons, I love the
history of our 'stuff', plus I am fairly thrifty. 
As everything found a spot, I felt a little boho style coming on.
Not a full on, but definitely a little shot of it.

Maybe a little eclectic.  I like mixing things up. 
I like color, but not too much. Lot's of natural and neutral tones. 
 Textures always help as well.
And I enjoy seeing our treasures.
Just this side table alone has a real mix, a sparkly lamp with a french shade,
 my little sleepy Buddha, silver, galvanized...I love it all!

oh, and plants! I can't seem to get enough.
 Partially due to this extreme Canadian winter, and I love plants.

The plant below was a 'rescue' plant, bought for a song,
and the basket has been borrowed from our rec room.

There will be no repainting, we love it!
No regrets on the dark color. I am so glad I took a chance..
Hope you step out of your comfort too!
It may take you in a whole new direction.

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