Master Bedroom with a Boho Vibe

It's my bedrooms turn, and
I have been eyeing up this room for some time.

With multiple paint chips sticky tacked in various spots for quite some time,
unable to make a I go light and airy or cozy and darker?!?
(You can see a paint chip on the top right corner of picture below).

Finally, I decided with cozy and warmer.
Arden Forge by CIL.
I had it color matched to go into Ralph Lauren paint
at Home Depot.  I walked in to a paint sale, $16 a can!
They had sold out of the base that I needed but  they
mixed me five quart size cans instead, at $6 a can. You're probably
wondering why I bought the extra can, I was planning
on  painting the bathroom the next day. It was a little bit
more than the sale pricing,  but still a great deal.

 I was afraid this color would be too dark,
 or we wouldn't like the purple undertones.   But we can change it.
Repainting a room isn't too much work, lol,
The sun really changes the color, ranging from dark blue
back to a purple-blue. Very cozy.  I decided to paint 
 the tray ceiling white, giving it a clean look.

Below, it was painted shortly after we moved in, 2010, and now in dire need
for a change.

And before that, below is from the real estate photos.

Loving the results of the paint and
keeping with my true nature, I reused all of my old furniture,
 treasures and linens. For a few reasons, I love the
history of our 'stuff', plus I am fairly thrifty. 
As everything found a spot, I felt a little boho style coming on.
Not a full on, but definitely a little shot of it.

Maybe a little eclectic.  I like mixing things up. 
I like color, but not too much. Lot's of natural and neutral tones. 
 Textures always help as well.
And I enjoy seeing our treasures.
Just this side table alone has a real mix, a sparkly lamp with a french shade,
 my little sleepy Buddha, silver, galvanized...I love it all!

oh, and plants! I can't seem to get enough.
 Partially due to this extreme Canadian winter, and I love plants.

The plant below was a 'rescue' plant, bought for a song,
and the basket has been borrowed from our rec room.

There will be no repainting, we love it!
No regrets on the dark color. I am so glad I took a chance..
Hope you step out of your comfort too!
It may take you in a whole new direction.

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