Adding trim to a bought curtain

With all of the snow falling outside, it is a perfect time for 
some much needed spring cleaning. 
Time to sort out our home, and work on some unfinished projects.
 It seems like every spring/late winter there is a room or two that needs  painting, a closet to clean or items to be replaced,but this year I have a need for change. 
We have been in this house for over six years. Almost a record for us.  And my inner self is screaming for change.  We don't want to move, I really enjoy life here.  We get a lot of good energy and happy feelings in this house.  Like a warm hug.  So we aren't moving anytime soon.  But to cure my need for change, I have been working room by room.  Painting, moving furniture,
changing out pillows, and adding some new details.
  And that's what I am doing with my 
weekends from work.  I have gotten to know
 the paint guy at Home Depot on a first name basis!
More on the painting later, but in the mean time I want to
 share a project that I have been working on
for the last few days.  

My master bathroom curtain.

I wanted to have a nice lacy piece to cover the window.  Privacy isn't 
an issue because it has a frost finish to the glass.  Something that would let the light in 
and still feel cosy through all of the seasons.  
This was a curtain that I bought at JYSK but it ended up being 
way too long.   I cut the extra length off the bottom, then finished the edge 
with my sewing machine.

I found a crochet pattern that would work nicely with the
 fabric on a Youtube  video. 
I'm loving the cute little flowers, 
 However, I am just learning to crochet, so this probably looks a little
rough to you, but I am ok with that.  

Once the trim was complete, I sewed it to the
right side of the bottom of the curtain. 

Super fun, adding the perfect detail to an otherwise simple curtain.

Have a great day!

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