Moving Furniture

I am always trying to find different ways to lay out our
livingroom, ok not just our living room, our house. 
I enjoy re-arranging furniture, so much so
that I have weakened the legs of some of our dressers and
 put lots of dings on walls, floors and body parts  : /  ..hahah.
I don't wait for the help of my husband because he
seems to talk me out of I just do it...  :)

Okay, this shelf was in the living room, I have painted the shelf
painted the walls and moved this shelf.

Aaahh, that's better....moved this shelf to the dining room and
lightened up the load of "stuff" on it...

I am in search for a mirror or something large to hang
above the shelf.


how about this...
I sprayed this clock with black spray paint,
it doesn't keep time but I love the shape and
I think its cute sitting there saying its 5 o'clock all
the time! lol 

What do you think...which is your favorite?
I can't deceide ...   : /
I am just really glad that I am a slight hoarder!
(ooops better hide the cord for the clock!)

I am joining

Check out all the neat ideas at her link party
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Abby, im ur newest follower, i found u from Kristin's party......I love the clock, i too believe in the power of spray paint! What a cozy dining room uve got. I would look for a mirror for over the shelf, maybe even one that u can work that "spray can" magic on, lol...........Bonnie


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