Moving More Furniture :)

Right now we are working on our downstairs bathroom,
Studs up, gyproc up, mudding and painting...check!
So now I am just waiting until my husband has some time to 
do the floor, we are installing heated flooring under
ceramic tiles . The bathroom is very chilly so I think that it is a wise investment.
  Anyhow, I am still cleaning dusting and re-arranging.  You know the
storey, the domino move one piece of furniture and suddenly you have
moved things through out your house.This is a great way to spring clean!
(I enjoy the after affects of cleaning...but not
the process!)

This cabinet has also been various colors and tones of wood! 
I think we have had it for almost 20 years! 

I like the way the top is ...but I need something 
 "rough" for the just looks too
formal for me! hhhmmmm..

I love white roses!  Fake or not Idc!  hahah

Lots of creams and whites and a little
natural tones!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope to be able to post
our FINISHED bathroom soon!
I am joining

Have a super day!

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  1. I'm here from Debbie's blog. It's nice to meet you Abby.



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