And just when you thought I had completely fallen off the face of the earth.....BOO!  I m back. 
We have been super busy around here!  Eventually I will show you all the things we've been working on..but please bare with me...I have also started hairdressing again, 3 days a week so please be patient...:) (thanks mom.)

I wanted to show you my new frame for my large hallway mirror...I bought this green and gold picture with a green and gold frame at v.v.'s.  The frame was the perfect size to fit over my mirror so I took out the picture and painted the frame...
then we attached the mirror and frame to the wall...soo happy with it.  Not a lot of work and it made a big impact on the mirror.                  

I cant believe the difference! 

Mirror free
Picture frame  $12
:) :)
:)  Hope you have a super day! 

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