Teen Bathroom

It started out as a tub and some pipes...
no walls no ceiling just a cement floor. 

Actually more like this....

You can see the back of the shower/tub ....insulation, scraps of wood, debris...
O the joys of construction  :)

This is a basement bathroom, with no windows so we put in heated flooring under the tiles,
and boy is it ever nice to have a warm floor in the middle of a
Canadian winter!

I wanted the vanity to match the rest of the house so we found
this one at Home Depot ...lots of drawers and large cupboard space
for the girls. 

We chose a soft yellow so that it would be bright and lighten the dark feeling of a basement.

The shower rod is curved and it makes the shower/tub feel spa like. If you
are planning to put a curved shower rod in  2 things...make sure that there is
space for it and make sure it is one continuous rod..this one
is 2 rods and the hooks get caught up
on the spot where they connect.  :(

Another room done!
I am joining 

<br><br><br><b>Join us every Friday...</b> 

Have a great day


  1. Yellow is a good color choice, especially if the right shade is chosen, which I think you did! It really has a sunny effect that adds brightness to the room. By the looks of it, I couldn’t guess that you have no windows inside. Overall, I love the way you designed your bathroom. It’s simple but very welcoming. I hope I could see more of your projects.

    Chase Conely

  2. I’m not much into yellow, but I do agree that it provides a sense of warmth and a calming effect to the space. What made this bathroom beautiful is its simplicity. It’s not complicated at all. The furniture, accessories, and color scheme is simple. Did you fish for suggestions on the design or did you plan everything by yourself?

    -Lida Swisher


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