Working on Our Backyard

We bought our house a year ago, and everyday ...everyday I
have missed our yard that we had in Summerland.  It was lush
and private I could sit in my pjs blog surfing all day and no one
would ever be the wiser....maybe a little lazy but really inspirational I loved those
 days. There were large mature trees, fruit trees and a huge
hedge that went all across the back.  Well, our home here is a new
 build so there was no garden, no grass ,trees or anything...on the up
side we got to do whatever we wanted (with in a budget) and make it ours.

This summer my husband and I, our daughters, friends and willing victims
got busy with us...thank-you sooo much ...we couldn't have done
it with out everyones help.

We knew that we had to plant a large tree in front
of the deck off the back of the house.  Hopefully  in a few years
 it will give us shade and  privacy.

We actually had to build a gabien wall along that far fence you
see in this picture and raise the level of soil up about
3 feet. These fence panels were from Rona on sale and
my daughter and I stained them tudor.  Then we rolled
out a ton of sod and a few plants were planted. 

Here are a few fall pictures..

Have a super day

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