Our Witches Cottage

Over the years, like every other season, I have slowly been
adding to my Halloween decorations and without even thinking
about it I usually buy or make something geared to the witch theme...:/
Not something ...until recently..that I have done deliberately.

I think she is trying too hard to be nice!  hahaha
  Sitting at the front entrance waiting for trick or treaters.

This was a frame I bought a long time ago and finally have a
use for it...holds a super good spell.

and a spider or two.

This is in our dining area, you know, the regular stuff..
spell book, spiders, eyeballs, rats ...

My daughter thought this should be the "sorting hat" 
I would have to agree. 

Our newest pet!  He's pretty tattered but he's cute.

I have found this beautiful source of inspiration!
and I am linking up for her Inspiration Friday
she has beautiful stuff and so do her guests!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our witches cottage,
and have a super day!

1 comment:

  1. ewwwwwww! Your decor is very spooky! :) I love that black frame.



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