Cottage Tour

I have always loved the quaintness of  
Cottage Style.  All the character and charm of
a well loved home.  One that has the shelves above the doors,
stacks of books, pictures, jars and objects obtained from life experiences.
A Cottage that draws you in, instantly giving you a sense of 
comfort and safety.  That is my goal.  That is my desire for my family.
So this is my attempt at turning a newly built home into the 
 Cottage of my dreams. 


We have lived in this house for about 8 years, spending a lot of time painting and tweaking.
Replacing some of the standard fixtures for fixtures with a bit more character.

(Just click on the labels below the pictures if you want to see more of that room.)

So get comfy and enjoy our Cottage Tour.

( an older post showing the early stages of our front yard)

Xeriscaped Front Yard (click on picture)

This was our entrance in 2012.

our entrance 
which leads us right to 

Or  our christmas in the kitchen 2011

 Our home had very bold colors when we bought it,
Progress in the dining room started the day after we moved in.

shows you how I have managed to fill the space up a bit.

There has been some more changes in the dining room
lately! More pictures to come on this too!

Cosy fireplace, very peaceful.

This was our living room before I made
slipcovers for our furniture.

A lighter look in the living room
christmas in the livingroom 2011

slowly adding some color

(more colour)

Our main bathroom...
and the first bit of that gorgeous blue-grey that I 
can't get enough of.

I am always changing up the master bedroom.
Here is the master bedroom before

master bedroom 2017(click on picture)

My newly tweaked craft room.

Old guest room...Old because I have
painted it 2x since this post and I am still not satisfied
with poor, poor husband. xo

* * *


.. which is very exciting
because, as we have finished rooms we have added more
living space. 

Check out our

The downstairs bathroom was a must with
3 daughters!

Construction is still ongoing
in the basement..however here is a peek at Christmas

We have refreshed one of our daughters bedrooms,

* * *
Out the back door...

Suburban Cottage Garden 2017- Click on Picture

 Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. I've been wanting to make slipcovers for my dark green couch. Your's turned out great! I hope mine turn out as well as yours.
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

    1. Thank-you! The only regret that I have about my slipcovers is that I didn't do them sooner! :) I am sure you will
      love yours.


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