My Mother's Day

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!
Whether you are a mother or not,
I hope it was a good day.

Mine, well, it was perfect!
I spent it outside, working on a section in our backyard.
This before picture will explain why....

There were tiny dying evergreens, lots of fence exposed,
a lack of privacy.  See, I am not a patient person, I would 
love for my garden to speed grow. Instant privacy!
So glad we have good neighbors. :)

 This  Horse Chestnut can 
 grow to be quit large, up to 118 feet tall!
We planted this one about 2 summers ago,
it is about 10 feet tall.  I think this one can
grow to be about 30 feet.

In the spring, I keep my fingers crossed and
 hope that everything has made it through the winter. 
 I only lost a few things this year, my Butterfly Bush being one of them.
I will give her a little more time. 

That's better!  A little more green.
These cedars can grow up to 20 or 25 feet,
and they grow quickly when happy.

You can't tell yet, but this is a Miss Kim, in front of my Angel.
There is also a Hydrangea, my favorite shrub,
to the right of her.

I am trying to create a more natural, evergreen
style garden. Lots of layers of evergreens, boulders,
and perennials.

Ground covers that spill over those buried boulders.

I think 
I may have to move the angel when
my shrubs fill in.  That's OK though, I love
playing out here!

Another before...

And the After...for now, :)
Yes, a little fishbowl-y, but that's okay,
nothing that a few more trees can't fix!

This is what the left side of the back yard looked like
 when we started our work back here in 2011.
That leafy stick is actually my May Tree,
I got it from Wal-Mart for about $20,
that spring.

She didn't grow at all until last summer, I guess it 
was a climate change. She must have been shocked.
Now, Spring 2014..

The picture below is from 2011 
as well. The Butterfly Bush was moved
to a sunnier location, along the fence...
she has been moved a lot!

The Amur Cherry was planted in her spot, in 2012,
the birds love it! It is a spring bloomer in 
most zones but in my zone 4 garden, it is an
early summer bloomer. It's still early
here, but things are sprouting out

Just like inside, a garden is never really complete.
I have plans for another tree and another Cedar.
Art Knapp has given out 40% off, coupons
for Fathers Day. I have 2....
 I can't let them go to 
waste. ;)

I finally got my planters filled,
I am hoping that this basket planter will work.
I lined the bottom with the burlap and the bag that
held the potting soil.  Fingers crossed.

On a side note...
If you live in Victoria, or you 
are planning on moving to
  Victoria., BC...
Check out this gorgeous, bright, spacious,
close to the city, Town House. It's for sale...

THIS is 5 minutes from downtown

Look at all that sunshine and space!!

Have a great day!


  1. It is looking so much better along the fence line! What a difference greenery can make. I love the pot with the burlap, it's a really cute idea.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!


  2. All the work you have done in your yard is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey there - I can appreciate all the work you are putting into your landscape! would love to have you share over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party! oxox, tracie


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