Victoria Day Weekend

Every May Long Weekend, with the exception of a few weekends,
 my husband has gone camping with his buddies.  Most of these guys have been
going since they were in high school! That's over 26 years!!
 ( I think they have waaaay too much fun!)

When the girls were little, 3 under the age of 4, I could have cried when 
he packed up his camping gear, and drove away.
The thought of putting my feet up and enjoying my buddies for 3 nights, with 
no worries...well it honestly brought a waterfall tear to my eye.
But as our girls have gotten older, the weekends have 
changed.  We have gone from little adventures to
city shopping. It's always been a lot of fun!

This year, again, a little different...
It's our middle daughters graduation year.  Sooo,
 I am getting organized for the festivities. I have been cleaning, shopping
and meal planning..always lot's of food and drink.
We love having company, and I 
love trying to be organized.

There! Things feel a little more refreshed!

I wanted to show you...

a few days ago I came home from work to
find both of these trees in full bloom!
My May Day Tree,

And my Amur Cherry.
Looking forward to the time when the branches
overlap, and create a 'green' screen.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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